Widget’s Rescue & Personality – Adopt a Puerto Rican Rescue

My name is Shane ,I am the one who rescued Widget.
Widget is a smallish dog, under 20 pounds. She was dumped on the beach by my house. She was either pregnant when dumped or got pregnant shortly there after. I had been working with her to trust me, at first she wouldn’t let me near. Finally she allowed me to pet her and would follow my dog and I on walks. It became apparent she was pregnant, unfortunately she had her babies in a seawall instead of my apartment. It took me about 5 weeks to gain her trust enough to extract the puppies and move them to my house (all the puppies have found homes). After she and her puppies were safe in my home she really started calming down. My neighbors and I chipped in to get her fixed and vaccinated. I started working with her daily, we focused on not barking at everything, sitting, and walking on a leash.  She still barks sometimes, especially when men she doesn’t know come to the house or are standing near the fence. She has no food aggression, in fact she insists on eating out of the same bowl as my 4 year old dog and the puppy our house. She always waits until the the older dog has eaten first, then eats after her. I tried separate bowls at first, but she always wanted to eat out of my dog’s bowl so I just started allowing that. I let the dogs eat until they are done, she leaves food in the bowl all the time, she doesn’t eat herself sick. She feels very secure on a leash and responds well to no bark if she’s in the house or on a leash. She is GREAT with other dogs, especially puppies she mothers them. We just introduced her to kittens, two days ago, she seems to want to play with them. As both kittens are under 2 pounds we aren’t allowing that just yet, but we saw no signs of aggression with her towards them, if anything she seemed a little scared of them. Widget is great with children, she wants to play with them and runs around them in circles and lays down for pets from them. Widget wants to be a lap dog, she is small enough to be one too. She thrives on positive attention and loves to be with her people. We have been putting Widget in a crate for short periods of time, while she doesn’t get into it on her own she doesn’t fight going in nor does she bark or whine while in the crate.

I am not sure how well Widget would do at a dog park, it may be overwhelming for her. She does well on a leash though and LOVES to go on walks. We walk her on the beach at least 2 times a day and I let her off leash when no one is around (like I said she barks at men she doesn’t know when off leash, so staying on leash around people is a good idea). I strongly suspect that whoever had Widget before she was dumped hit her, as she shied away from hands at first and she still does with people she doesn’t know. I think Widget would do well in a home with another dog and attentive people. While she does well with children, including toddlers, I think she might do better with older kids.

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