Volunteer & Community Service Hours

There are many ways to volunteer, we have several ideas below. Please read this page and our Open Rescue page in full to understand how Defensa helps the street animals of Puerto Rico.   After reading the pages, if you’d like to help please email us at defensarincon@gmail.com.  We are happy to have your help and then sign off on community service hours for local students.  

Be the ‘Marketing Manager’ for 1 of our Adoptable Animals

You don’t have to take the animal into your home, but if you see an animal on our Adopt Page that you would like to promote and market for adoption – go for it!  YOU can be the difference in that specific animal finding a home.    Email us and we can connect you directly with that animal’s rescuer/foster – than together you can get videos, photos, bios and use social media and news media and your personal network of friends to spread the word and find that one animal a forever home.   Remember our animals are FREE to GREAT homes and that can include airline travel!

Hold a Fundraiser – Big or Small

You can sell something, throw a party, bake sale, garage sale, online campaign or just ask your friends.  Or if you want to go ‘Big’ … plan a major event with raffle, music, donated venue, silent auction … the skies the limit!

Fundraise Online

From the comfort of your home/computer you can help the street animals of Puerto Rico.  Use our paypal account defensarincon@gmail.com – but create a unique campaign either via facebook or a professional fundraising website (watch out for hidden fees, we can still do it, just read the fine print so we all know).  We are here to help if you like this idea. Even just $100 can help …. imagine if just 100 people raised $100 from different activities!  It really does make a difference in the life of an animal

Photograph Defensa Adoptable Animals

We know that a good photo can make all the difference in an animal getting adopted.  However, it isn’t as easy as you think to get a quality photo of an animal.   If you are located around Rincon and have an interest in photography this is an excellent opportunity to promote your photography while helping animals.     Defensa is happy to promote your photography and you are welcome to watermark your photos Defensa uses.

Donate a nightly or monthly percentage of your Business Sales to Defensa (Don’t own a business? Ask a business you are connected to)

If you don’t have a Business, maybe you can work with a local Rincon business – or even a business in another part of the World you have connections to, and come up with a fund raising idea.  It really can be as simple as ONE DAY OF SALES go towards Defensa.  And then we can promote it on facebook!  It’s a win win … brings exposure to the business offering the percentage and raises money for street animals in need!

Sponsor a Street Animal

Meaning you do not have to take the animal into your home/off the streets – but you can take the animal to the Vet for Vaccinations and Spay/Neuter (Defensa will pay). You can keep tabs on that animal and possibly get it adopted while it is living on the street. You would do the OPEN RESCUE program, just not take the animal into your home – the animal does not have to live with you.


If you are in Rincon – Defensa  is looking for a bilingual Volunteer to setup and execute Animal Education Courses for our local youth.

Saturday Free Horse Class / Horse Rescue

Volunteer to help us at our weekly Saturday Horse Class (under 16 parents must accompany).  Even if you aren’t currently comfortable around horses we can help you learn the skills to help others around our horses.   If you are highly skilled in an area of horse training or care we would love for you to lead a class.   We have a few horses we use in the class but we are also open to those who have horses and would like to use them in a class.   As for Horse Rescue help, we will post to our Facebook/DefensaRincon page and email when a new horse is rescued and we need your help.

Sunday Farmer’s Market – Bring a Foster

Sometimes our foster families are unable to bring their foster to the Sunday Rincon Farmer’s Market.  If you’d like to help, we would connect you directly with a foster family and together you can coordinate getting the animal to the Plaza on Sunday (hours can vary within 9:30am to 2pm).   If there are no fosters available for you to bring you can still come and sit at our Community table to learn and help.

Be a Home for a Rescued Animal

Rescue a street animal – horse, dog, cat, pig, etc – using our OPEN RESCUE program.   Or you may find an animal on our Adopt page and help the current foster by taking over fostering if they would like a break.

Visit our Ways to Support Page

There are applications and products these days to raise money by just doing what you do on a regular basis.  We have some listed on our Support the animals page.

If you can’t adopt, foster … If you can’t foster, donate … If you can’t donate, volunteer … If you can’t volunteer, educate, network and spread the word …. Everyone can do something, large or small, to help save a life