Volunteer & Community Service Hours

We are a 501c3 and happy to help you fill Community Service Hours

Defensa is a ‘Virtual’ Organization in that we have no shelter, please read our OPEN RESCUE page to understand how we work prior to volunteering.   Following are some volunteer ideas, but we are open to creativity and self starters! We are happy to have your help and then sign off on community service hours for local students.

Hold a Fundraiser

You can sell something, throw a party, bake sale, garage sale, online campaign or just ask your friends

Raise Funds Online

You can simply follow and share our online and email fundraising activities or you can create your own!  Start by joining our Newsletter and following us on Social Media

Donate a nightly or monthly percentage of your Business Sales to Defensa

If you don’t have a Business, maybe you can work with a local Rincon business – or even a business in another part of the World you have connections to, and come up with a fund raising idea.  It really can be as simple as ONE DAY OF SALES go towards Defensa.  And then we can promote it on facebook!  It’s a win win … brings exposure to the business offering the percentage and raises money for street animals in need!

Horse Help with PintosRUs / Hope4Horses

Please contact PintosRUs directly to see what their current volunteer opportunities are based on your comfort with and knowledge of horses.   There is also ‘La Quinta de Aragón‘ in Anasco.  NOTE: Please mention ‘Defensa’ if you reach out to these groups, it helps build good will between organizations, we appreciate that!   When Defensa has Horse Volunteer opportunities we post to our Facebook/DefensaRincon page so please follow if you are interested in helping with our Horse Rescue in Puerto Rico program.

Sunday Farmer’s Market / Bring a Rescue for Adoption

Sometimes our rescuers are unable to bring their animal to the Sunday Rincon Farmer’s Market.  If you’d like to help,  you can directly contact any of our Puerto Rico Animals for Adoption rescuers to coordinate getting their animal to the Plaza from 10am to noon on a Sunday.

Advocate for One Rescue

All of our rescues need more exposure on the internet to raise money for their recover and Vet services.   You can view all our active rescues on our Defensa Poundwishes page.   There you can decide if there is one rescue you’d like to work to promote on social media.   Not all of our rescues are in need of a forever home, but if they are you can also help market them for adoption.   To understand how our Defensa Adoption process works please reference the very bottom of our Puerto Rico Animals for Adoption page

Help Barks of Hope with their Dogs

Barks of Hope rescues many dogs from all around the Island of Puerto Rico.  They have a facility in Rincon Puerto Rico and they often need hands to help with all their adorable barkers.  Please contact them directly.

Our Yearly Community Appreciation Day “Dia de Defensa at The Wok” /  If you are in Rincon around March/April when we normally hold the event your help would be greatly appreciated!