Vet Office Visits

If you find an animal *AND* you can foster that animal while Defensa works to find it another foster home or a forever home, Defensa can schedule and pay for medical treatment for that rescued animal

You must email and get authorization prior to visiting a Vet if you want Defensa to help financially

Include the following information, that is relavant to your need, in your email to

  • Your name as it appears on your ID you will take to the Visit
  • Do you want to foster, do you agree to Defensa Foster rules? Yes or No
  • Details of the animals situation / i.e, found where, condition, personality, are you fostering, taking to the States, adopting, etc.
  • The type of animal – cat, kitten, dog or puppy
  • What is the purpose of your Vet visit
  • Which Vet you prefer to go to Aguada AMC or Mayaquez Miradero (both listed on our Local Vet Page – please contact them prior to sending this email if you need information to decide. If you can go to either Vet, just let us know and we will pick one)


Adult Street Rescued Cats: All Adult Cats should be tested for Leukemia and FIV because both are contagious to other cats and can debilitate immune systems to the point where it can cause death. If the cat were positive for one of these and we left on street then she could potentially keep spreading the disease to other cats as well as catch other diseases from weak immunity. This disease is NOT contagious to dogs or people so the best case scenario would be finding a home for her with no OTHER cats (if she WERE positive for these).

Adult Street Rescued Dogs: The 4DX test (which tests for 4 different blood born pathogens, including Heartworm) is not required for Airline Traveling Health Certificate or for Adult Dogs. However, The test and the medicines are cheaper in Puerto Rico. That would be the main reason you do the test in Puerto Rico. Even if an animal tests positive for one of the four condictions, they can obtain a Airline Traveling Health Certificate as long as you purchase and start the treatments. With Defensa the test is about $40 and the most expensive treatment is for Heartworm and it is probably only a few hundred dollars in PR (weight of animal determines pricing).