Remote Fosters

AS of September 2014 DAR is putting the Fostering Programs on hold and trying a Open Rescue Program – Please read our Puerto Rico Animal Rescue Page for Details.

We are leaving this page in tact in case we decide to start the Foster Programs up again.



Please note we have had great success with remote fostering and adopting. Through pictures, videos and conversations with you we can match animals to families. Puerto Rico has no NO KILL shelters, so remote fostering and adopting is essential to our work.  You can download this information in PDF format on our Forms Page

  • 1st option – You or your rescue group fosters a chosen D A R animal while you look for an adoptive family for that animal
  • 2nd option – D A R continues to foster the animal while you look to match that animal with a prospective adopter in your area

Whichever option you choose, the follow costs apply to fly the animal unaccompanied to you.   If TRAVEL MONEY is the ONLY hurdle, We can ask for money – so please don’t let the travel costs stop you from helping us help an animal get closer to their FOREVER HOME!

COSTS TO TRAVEL ANIMAL Include Flight, Crate & DAR Adoption Fee

1) Flight Itself, Arranged by and Paid Up front for by DAR

  • animal + crate less than < 50lb is approx $75 up to $275 depending on location of flight
  • animal + crate greater than > 50lb is approx $125 up to $450 depending on location of flight

2) Crate Itself – If possible we can re-use an old crate so $0 cost

  • DAR purchases a new crate for you to use and keep

Med $125

Large $185

  • You USPS D A R your crate to 8 Calle Sol North, Rincón PR 00677 costs should be less than $50 but your specific Post Office would set this rate

3) DAR Adoption Fee – Normally $150

*** Disclaimer: at any point we would consider waiving the adoption fee, our main concern is making certain this adoption of the animal is solid and a perfect match. That said, DAR can not continue to rescue animals if all our adoption fees were waved and DAR’s philosophy is adoptive families should be in a financial position to care for the animal throughout it’s life and consider adoption  donation to be a non issue.

DAR Animals Will Come to You

  1. Sterilized
  2. De-wormed
  3. Vaccinated – Rabies and DHLP-PV (D=Distemper H=Hepatitis L=Lepto P=Parafluenza PV=Parvo C=Corona Virus)
  4. 4dx tested for heartworm & blood diseases)
  5. De-ticked & De-flea
  6. Socialized

Please keep in mind, at no time will DAR take back any animals after flown.

If you’d like to Remote Foster / Adopt please contact us to further discuss. We will need to know the following:

  1. The airport call letters in your area – We normally fly United from BQN but for travel that includes multiple animals or unique situations, we can fly American from SJU
  2. The animal from that you would like to Remote Foster / Adopt

Please help us to spread the word, we’re social on Facebook/darrincon or visit us are

Thank you again for your willingness to work with D A R and assist the animals.