Travel Dogs

What Needs To Be Done / Save Time – Hire a PTA

You can do the below yourself or we can connect you with  a knowledgeable person “Travel Dog” you can pay to help you – email us at  NOTE: DAR suggests you  pay a PTA $50 to $200 for the below help when rescuing a street animal.   The amount should be based off how much of the below work you need someone to do for you and if they have to drive to Aguadilla/United or San Juan/AmericanAirlines.

Book the Flight / Contact the Airlines

Always call the Airlines ASAP. Each Airline and each Flight has unique specific rules.

Vet Visit / Health or Travel Certificate / Dogs 4dx Test / Cats HIV & Leukemia Tests

Normally all the Airlines require are “Health Certificate” for travel (vaccinations, rabies, general health checkup). But we recommend you speak with the Vet about 4dx test for dogs and HIV/Leukemia test for cats.

NOTE:  Animals with active symptoms (cough, itch, etc.) may still ‘pass’ and receive a Travel Certificate from a Vet *BUT* because travel can be a stress on an animal, and bring their immune system down, they could end up sicker after the flight.  This is a risk worth taking some times when an animal has no home.  But this is something you should be aware of.  Always ask the Vet for their opinion.   And if there is somewhere the animal can stay to gain perfect health before flying, that is always preferred.


Airlines do not require spay/neuter – but it is less expensive a surgery in Puerto Rico and is the responsible thing to do. DAR animals are not adopted until fixed unless they are not old enough.   Animals require 10 days recovery, after surgery before flying.


Locate and prepare the carrier (each Airline sets specific rules)

  • The closest place to Rincon is Aguada Feed Store owned by Alexi 787-868-2810 Open Mon-Sat 7:30 to 5:30 he has hard and soft carriers. Take the 115 from Rincon, North – until you hit the one way street into Downtown Aguada, Turn Right at that 4 way stop, before going into Downtown Aguada – Alexi’s store is about the 3rd on the Right. Gps 18.380363, -67.191954 on Google Maps. Located around the corner from Aguada Animal Medical Clinic where you can get a Travel Health Certificate.
  • PetCo in Aguadilla at the Marshalls Plaza
  • Walmart 787-834-2280 – take the 115 to the 2 South – look for the Mayagüez Mall on the left – about 30 miles from Rincon
  • KMart take the 115 to the 2 South – located in Home Depot and Sam’s Club shopping center
  • Any ‘Feed Store’ on the side of the road might sell one too.

Save Time – Hire a Travel Dog

Please answer the below questions and email to or Contact a “Travel Dog” directly

Travel Dog Donna 787-458-9212

Travel Dog Dana 797-464-5199

  1. Animal Name:
  2. Cat or Dog:
  3. Breed: All dog docs must say MIX – that is the Rabies Certificate and Travel/Health Doc
  4. Weight:
  5. Kennel Size: If animal is under 50lbs., please purchase medium kennel, that way your cost is under $100. and there’s no expedited/additional fees. 🙂
  6. Sex:
  7. AIRPORT OF CHOICE – Keeping the following in mind
    • Aguadilla BQN is 40 minutes from Rincon – United would be the Airlines – Prices start at ~$250 and animal travel area is temperature controlled so fights don’t get canceled due to heat/cold issues
    • San Juan SJU is 2.5 hours from Rincon – AACargo Airlines at Base Muniz in Carolina, PR is where animals who have travel arranged by DAR go – Prices start at $80 and there are rules on temperature, so flights get canceled due to extreme heat or cold on departure or destination – DAR strongly recommends taking the 7am departure flight for these reasons – you must be in SJ by 5:30am
  8. Destination:
  9. Recipient: Name, Address, Phone Number – no PO Box, please
  10. Date of Departure: Monday thru Friday – early a.m. Or before afternoon