Papi’s Rescue Story

Papi is now in Sanctuary

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Papi!  The Original ‘A Rescued Horse’ – Now in Sanctuary  Papi was rescued before Defensa was even formed and he was rescued because many people in Rincon Puerto Rico came together to help him.  Papi was a lame (check out those 2 front legs) horse who was living on the streets of Rincon, Puerto Rico. He was tied up at the baseball field for months until the city manager kicked him off. Then he was tied up in the trails behind El Faro. Both places lacked enough grass/food and water. The final straw, when we decided to take responsibility for Papi was on Christmas Eve Day, 2011 – Papi was tied up on the dangerous curve of the 413 (at Puesta del Sol). He’d gotten off rope and was walking across the road – obviously dangerous for Papi, our community and tourists. But thanks to your support and our community Papi is now living out his days in Sanctuary