Papi’s Story

“Papi” was an unclaimed and lame (check out those 2 front legs) horse who was living on the streets of Rincon, Puerto Rico.  He was tied up at the baseball field for months until the city manager kicked him off.  Then he was tied up in the trails behind El Faro.  Both places lacked enough grass/food and water.   The final straw, when we decided to take responsibility for Papi was on Christmas Eve Day, 2011 – Papi was tied up on the dangerous curve of the 413 (at Puesta del Sol).  He’d gotten off rope and was walking across the road – obviously dangerous for Papi, our community and tourists.

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Papi prior to 'rescuing' Jan 2011

Papi prior to ‘rescuing’ Jan 2011


Papi’s 2 front lame hoofs (above) – When Rescued in 2011

Papi’s 2 front lame hoofs (below) – Getting Better Nov 2013


We moved him onto the wonderful donated-short-term land of The Green Room Surfboard Rentals, 12/31/11 to 2/4/12.   We will always be grateful to Clemente and Ted for stepping up and offering Papi their land.

Papi Jan 2012 living on a rope, on the Green Room land

Papi Jan 2012 living on a rope, on the Green Room land

But the wonderful Green Room land had limited grass and wasn’t fenced for a horse.  Papi escaped for a few days and at about that same time Julie, from PintosRUS, identified some land by Sandy Beach that was available and offered up (anonomously).   So in Feburary of 2012 I moved Papi to the land by Sandy Beach.  A big thanks to Julie and our land owners for this great grass filled & fenced in spot across from Casa Islena. Unfortunately this land, across from Casa Islena, is for sale and we need to spread the word to find Papi a forever home before he has to leave this land!

Papi with The Red Door's Emily & Marcus | July 2012

Papi with The Red Door’s Emily & Marcus | July 2012

On March 2nd, 2012, We had Papi gelded – hoping to give him more chances for a forever home with other horses. In May of 2012 the wonderful Red Door Boutique at Sandy Beach offered to feed and water Papi daily.  Marcus and Emily give Papi the love and attention he deserves daily!

In September of 2012 Papi and Dieguito are living together on the wonderful donated land by Casa Islena Inn on Sandy Beach!

Dieguito (left) & Papi (right)
Dieguito (left) & Papi (right)

Notes on Papi’s Health 2012:  Several knowledgeable horse-people have interacted with Papi and everyone has said he doesn’t seem to be in pain.

Aug 2013 .. Papi is looking better.   We are just starting to see if Joe, 9 years old pictured here on Papi’s back, can ride Papi short distances, at a slow pace, around Sandy Beach.  We had a horse trainer take a look and ride on Papi – he gave Papi the green light to get out a bit more.   Papi and Dieguito are best of buddies and we are all very very thankful to the many people of Rincon who have made his recovery possible!!!

April 2015 –  Papi is participating in our Free Horse Education Classes (for all ages)

Look on our Facebook/DARRincon Events Page for information

Papi is learning tricks and Games

August 2015

Papi’s newest friends and trainers.  Berkley and Madison!

20150814_101724May 2016

Papi had a bit of a set back, he seems to have suffered a little stroke which has his face a tad funny – but that is really the only symptom we can notice