“MO” Mango Oliver a Defensa Rescued Horse

Although originally considered for purchase May 2014, this horse with no name actually needed to be ‘rescued’ – So Defensa rescued MO with donations made specifically for MO. It was reported MO had been tied on a hill, lost his footing and about choked himself to death (he has the scars to prove it too). A knowledgeable local cowboy informed us MO had markings of abuse and looked to have had a “tough life”. TODAY, MO is off ropes and living in Puntas Rincon

More photos of MO and his scars/issues can be found on his Facebook Album.

If you’d like to support more dog, cat and horse rescues please consider just $5 a month by joining the Defensa Sponsor Club – MO’s story and improvements will be posted and documented on this page!  If you’d like to rescue an animal we are here to help defensarincon@gmail.com




June 2014 Photo Thanks to Kari DiPalma