Meet Felix – A DAR Rescue & 3rd Place Winner – Now our DAR Mascot till 2016

Felix won 3rd place and DAR has the honor of making Felix our DAR Mascot!

His back story …..

Felix (male) was discovered by my brother-in-law (who lives in Rincon) last spring in a box with two of his siblings.  My sister (who lives in Rincon) took them in and nursed them back to health, eventually placing them in loving homes.  Felix, originally named Flaco, came to my family in Massachusetts in September as a surprise for my two children.  He is our first pet (other than fish) and we cannot imagine life without him.  He is affectionate, playful and also very entertaining.  His favorite toys are sparkle pom pom balls which he jumps and kicks around like a pro soccer player!  He’s also obsessed with our aquarium–pawing at the glass every time I feed the fish.  And, he loves to swing from the curtains, sit in the plants and jump on the kitchen table during dinner.  He is very talkative and loving, greeting us when we come home after waiting by the window, and comforting us when we are upset.  We love our Puerto Rican rescue kitten, Felix!
20140611_153811If you missed our My Puerto Rican Rescue photo contest you can read about it HERE.

Here is a photo of Felix (at the time “Flaco”) when first rescued in July of 2014.   Thanks to those who financially support DAR and to Ellen and Hector rescued, fostered and worked with DAR to find him his happy ending!!!

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