Law 154

Animal Protection and Welfare Act Law 154

Read via Download Law 154 in English or Ley 154 español

Note: The same minimal care / overall laws /  requirements that apply to dogs and cats also applies to horses – mammals. Those are mentioned specifically in  CAPÍTULO I, Artículo 2,  f (English – Chapter 1, Section 2, F).   Also important to note that Law 154 is a criminal law, that means that once a person submits a formal complaint with the police, the prosecutor goes forward to the court.

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Depending on the crime, penalties carry incarceration up to 15 years and/or fines up to $25,000

If you witness a person mistreating an animal, call the Commonwealth Police of Rincón/State Police in any town at 787-823-2020. The Commonwealth Police of Rincón are obligated to respond to concerns regarding mistreatment and negligence. If you’d like Defensa to report the situation please email us at and detail the situation. Please be very specific. Please give the location. Please let us know in the email if you are willing to Foster The Animal should it be removed – it is always best if you can foster while Defensa of Rincon works to place the animal. Otherwise the animal will be taken to a shelter where it could be put down – which is actually better than leaving an abused or mistreated animal unprotected!!!

For the pick-up of sick, dead, or injured animals, please call your areas “Municipal Government-Obras Públicas” / Public Works

In Rincon call the City 787-823-2180

From Law 154

“…scientific studies exist regarding the correlation between the mistreatment of animals and the violence against people. The abuse toward animals can indicate the existence of a more profound problem. Children, teenagers or persons that abuse animals may be themselves victims of abuse and can become people that have no respect for life or human dignity. Violence is violence regardless who is the victim; a person who abuses animals lack empathy towards other living beings and runs the risk of committing violence towards others. It’s important to take actions to avoid the continuation of the mistreatment of animals.”

Crimes that carry incarceration and/or fines include the following

  • Animal abandonment
  • Confinement of animals
  • Mistreatment by negligence
  • Aggravated negligence against animals
  • Mistreatment of animals (including 3rd degree)
  • Animal Fights
  • Animal transport resulting in unnecessary suffering
  • Mistreatment of animal by judicial entities
  • Poisoning
  • Animal trapping that causes injury or unnecessary suffering.
  • Euthanasia inadequately performed and/or by untrained personnel.
  • Unauthorized cosmetic surgery
  • Violation of an order of protection in cases of domestic violence in which animals are involved.
  • Experimentation on live animals