iGive and Amazon July 2015

Save the Date! Wednesday, July 15th, Amazon is offering some truly Amazonian deals to celebrate their birthday.  Most of the deals are for Prime members.  So, check out Amazon Prime, and earn Defensa Animal de Rincon an extra $1.20 when you join that program. And of course, all Amazon purchases help Defensa Animal de Rincon when you shop via iGive.

Do remember that Amazon is special. Use iGive links, bookmarks, or the drop down menu in the iGive Button to start your shopping.  Our favorite: http://igive.com/amazon.It’s a Double Dip if Amazon has your cause listed there.  We’ll take you tosmile.Amazon.com to make it easy to earn .5% from Amazon.  And, we’ll give Defensa Animal de Rincon .8%.  Your total:  1.3%. Better than double, actually.

Of course, Amazon reporting is special, too.  Your cause will get credit, but you will not see anything reported to you, personally.

More is better so tell your friends –

  1. When friends shop, they’ll help Defensa Animal de Rincon.  Why not let them take advantage of over 1,600 stores that want to help?
  2. The average shopper is raising over $30 – $100 a year for their cause … all for free.
  3. It’s simple and automatic.
  4. This month, $5 free, just for trying us out.

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