With your support we hope to rescue, rehabilitate and adopt out more horses like Lady ShoshannaPrince Casper Yetti,  NavidadLittle Chippy,  Pancho & LeftyMO, Polo (photo below), Aww Bendito, Mooneye and Papi.  If you would like to learn to interact with horses to help when you see one on a rope or to adopt a horse please consider attending one of our Horse Classes and read about what we do in Horse Nation Standing Ovation.  Your donations make it all possible, thank you! Our classes follow “Natural horsemanship” styles – no wiping or hitting.  If you are looking to ride a horse in Rincon Puerto Rico please visit Pintos R Us, they offer daily & beautiful group or private rides!

We appreciate any donation amount – We are a registered 501c3 (our EIN 660811657 for your tax records).

If you see a horse in need …..

If the  horse needs water  – please take it water in a bucket.   If the horse is laying completely flat/prone don’t panic.  Horses do lay this way (normally when they feel very safe).  As long as they get up eventually, all is good (don’t panic if you see a prone horse, just check back and ask around).

If  the horse looks to be ‘starving’, injured, in ‘imminent danger’, ‘needs rescuing’ or  just loose and could end up in the streets **- WE MUST FIND THE OWNER **AND/OR GET** the local STATE POLICE DEPARTMENT (in Rincon 787-823-2020 located in the downtown here) involved ASAP – the STATE police can create a ‘querella’/complaint allowing us to take action, without the STATE police querella/complaint Defensa can NOT legally do anything.   If you can’t find the local area’s State police or you have trouble with Spanish you can  start with 911.  When speaking with the STATE police ask for the ‘querlla’/complaint number when on the phone, have them write down your name in their log, you write down the name of the offices and officer you spoke with.   After you have the ‘querlla’/complaint number and the name of the officer and office you spoke with, email all that information as well as the exact location of the horse and the nature of the danger to   Once we have that email we can proceed with helping the horse.

If you find the owner you can ask to purchase the horse and then release the horse to Defensa ($100 or $200 might be all it costs to save the horse) – we do have land to put rescued horses.  Use our Horse Release Medical form or our Horse Release Ownership form (both are bilingual – you can download, print and have them sign).   If you decide to look  for the owner without the police, consider taking a photo of the horse to surrounding ‘feed’ / ‘agricultural’ stores, to see if anyone knows anything.

While you are looking for the owner and/or filing a police report you can post to our Facebook/DefensaRincon wall. Include a photo and description of the EXACT location and your concerns as well as what steps you have already taken.  This way we can rally help.

NOTE: Situations that require putting a horse down, i.e, broken leg, hit by a car – “Pursuant to Law 154, in an emergency situation where the transportation of an animal becomes impossible, the person in charge or finds the animal in such a state shall call the nearest Police station so that he or she (police) calls the veterinarian. In case the veterinarian cannot make it to the scene, the vet may instruct the police to give the animal a compassionate death through a shot of grace (tiro de gracia). This shot can only be discharged by a Police and only after consulting with the vet.”     As of Jan 2016 Defensa is working with our local team – Vet Dra. Cristina Mesorana – Lawyer Shakira M Rodrigez and Bilingual Expert Anna of Spanish Immersion Rincon to put together a process and relationship with the local Rincon police.    If you live in another City and would like to get a process in place email us and we can direct you

Groups & Individuals who help Horses in Puerto Rico

Here are some of our rescues (click on the photo for before and after, you can view as a slideshow)