Horse Rescue in Puerto Rico

Do You Want To Help a Horse in Puerto Rico?

If yes,  we are here to help.   Please read this page in full.  You (or Defensa) can NOT just take someone’s horse if you don’t like how they treat them, Just as you can not take someone’s child if you don’t like how they treat them.   We have to get the Police involved if you do not have the owner’s permission and you do not own the horse.  But don’t worry, just call 911 and reference Law 154.  All 911 operators are bilingual and can 3way call the local STATE police with you.

If the horse needs water  – please take it water in a bucket.  If the horses looks hungry buy it a bail of hay. If you would like to learn to interact with horses to help when you see a horse on a rope or in need please consider attending our Free Horse Class.

If  the horse looks to be ‘starving’, injured, in ‘imminent danger’, ‘needs rescuing’ or  just loose and could end up in the streets call 911 immediately and remember for Defensa to step in and help you must get the owner to release the horse OR get the local STATE POLICE DEPARTMENT to issue a ‘querella‘/case and release the horse to Defensa via YOU!!!    You can ask to remain anonymous when you file the querella – have them release the horse to ‘Defensa Animal de Rincon Puerto Rico’.   Once we have that querella from you we can collect the horse and bring it into our  Hope4Horses Program.

You Can Get The Police Involved by ….. Calling 911 or going  into the local STATE Police Station is sometimes the fastest solution.   The police normally know the horses and horse owners in their respective towns.  In Rincon the State Police Station is here on google maps.  Most cities are on google maps – look for “Policia Estatals”.

** we need an email from you with the following:  If the horse is outside of Rincon you may collect the same information but will need to help us more because we only have volunteers in Rincon

  1. You contact information – ideally cell phone and facebook messenger communications.
  2. Exact location of the horse with a google map marker
  3. Good photos of the horse showing the areas of concern – videos too are good
  4. Name of the owner if you can find it
  5. Google map marker to owner’s house if you can find it
  6. License plate of the owner if you can find it

If you find the owner you can ask to purchase the horse and then release the horse to Defensa ($100 or $200 might be all it costs to save the horse).  But keep in mind, an owner may hide a horse if they don’t like your offer or attention, and then the horse could be worse off than before!  We recommend always contacting the police and let them find the owner.

Our Horse Release Medical form & our Horse Release Ownership form (both are bilingual).

NOTE: Situations that require putting a horse down, i.e, broken leg, hit by a car – “Pursuant to Law 154, in an emergency situation where the transportation of an animal becomes impossible, the person in charge or finds the animal in such a state shall call the nearest Police station so that he or she (police) calls the veterinarian. In case the veterinarian cannot make it to the scene, the vet may instruct the police to give the animal a compassionate death through a shot of grace (tiro de gracia). This shot can only be discharged by a Police and only after consulting with the vet.”

Other Groups & Individuals who help Horses in Puerto Rico