Horse Rescue

We HAVE our donated land to start rescuing horses, thanks to the Perez Family for the FREE 5 acres in Barrio Rio Grande of Rincon. The land needs clearing and fence repairs so we are ASKING FOR DONATIONS specifically for that work Paypal Part of the land will need to be cleared by big machines in the future, because it has too many large trees to clear by hand. But another large part of the land is already being cleared by hand. It is $10/hr per man and so far we have done 20 hours of clearing. We likely have another $300 minimally to spend on fencing and clearing. The more money we get the better we can make the land for more extreme rescue cases that require stalls or separation. There is a river on the land and plenty of grass, as well as neighbors offering their water for the horses. A HUGE thanks to our bilingual horse ladies Amy and Jesmarie! Our goal is to rescue and adopt out the horses with the help of many! We are a community of horse lovers so please join us in any capacity if you would like, you are needed and welcome! One Horse Love, Cynthia!donated land

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