Free Horse Education Classes

Defensa Animal de Rincon, in conjunction with Michelle Tinsen and Rincon’s PintosRUs, is starting FREE Horse Education Classes for all ages as of April 2015.  Starting in June the class is now every Saturday morning, 9am by Sandy Beach.  Please email us for exact information on the Class.  Enjoy these photos from our classes.

The goal of the Program is not only to help educate our young on working with horses, but to help those interested in helping “horses on ropes” around Puerto Rico.    If you have the skills to interact with a horse you are in a better position to offer help, with respect, to owners of neglected or in-need horses.

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Working with horses can teach all ages to be patient, confident, compassionate and tenacious!   Our classes follow “Natural horsemanship” styles – no wiping or hitting.

Please contact us if you’d like to participate or donate to this program.

Instructors will be compensated with donations you make for that purpose.  Donate anytime and just note the purpose ‘horse program’.

Areas of Education / Courses

What makes a Happy Horse?

A life free of pain and discomfort. food and water, shelter, daily activities- riding, walking, grooming, new grazing spot. Company. If your horse is alone you are its only company.

Horse Care

  • Feeding
  • Grooming.
  • Worm Prevention
  • Vaccinations
  • First Aid
  • Flies and Ticks
  • How to Safely Tie a Horse out to graze
  • Hoof Care
  • Tack
  • The Horses Environment


  • How horses behave in herds.  how to spot a dangerous horse. reading signals. dominant behavior. How to train a ‘pushy’ horse to have manners. Biting/ kicking problems. how to know if the horse is scared or just not listening. ‘Join-up’. I would like to teach the kids to treat all horses with respect, understand how horses think, work with horses using a natural horsemanship technique so that they can successfully achieve goals without the need for beating/ rough handling
  • How to safely handle a horse.
  • The ‘pressure-release’ method
  • How to walk your horse- the importance of establishing a strong connection on the ground. Handle horses without being dragged around, stepped on, bitten etc.
  • Lunging, exercise, fitness


  • Saddles
  • Bridles
  • Bits


  • Safety First
  • Pony Rides

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