Defensa Horse Class

Since 2014 Defensa has offered a Horse Class in Rincon Puerto Rico for all ages and sizes.   Photos and videos of previous classes as well as requirements for attending are below.  The purpose of the class is to inspire and educate more people to own and care for horses in Puerto Rico – we are not a ‘riding school’ – we are a 501c3 Animal Rescue Group.  Our regular classes are on Saturdays at 11am.  If you’d like to schedule a private class we can discuss that via email but please be aware private classes require a minimum $100 donation.

We highly recommend taking a group or private ride with Rincon’s Pintos “R” Us Trail Rides if you are wanting to experience horseback riding in Rincon Puerto Rico.  They offer beach and trail rides daily and year round by appointment (787) 516-7090.  PintosRUs helps to facilitate Defensa Horse Rescues.

Working with horses can teach all ages to respect & rescue horses as well as teach patients, confidence, compassion for animals and tenaciousness!   Our classes follow “Natural horsemanship” styles – no wiping or hitting.   You can use the donate button below  to support our work as written about in the Horse Nation Standing Ovation.

Requirements/Notes for attending the Class

  1. Protective shoes – lace up tennis shoes or boots for students and parents of students 16 years or younger.   Barefoot, flip flops or crocs are not allowed  – sorry but horses accidentally step on toes.
  2. Release of Liability – You will need to sign a yearly Defensa Horse Class Waiver  releasing Defensa, all of the volunteers and all of the property owners of  any and all liability.
  3. Students Under 16 yrs Require Parents Attendance – During the full class please.
  4. A Donation  – We’d like to inspire everyone to make a small or large donation if you are attending our class.  The donation will go towards whichever Student Instructor helps you.  A guildline is $5 (or more if you’d like) for a ride – nothing required to watch and pet.  If you’d like to give a little something to our horses (that work so hard) …. we wouldn’t turn that down!   Bananas, Apples or Cash 🙂 for Grain
  5. Riding is always limited to 175lbs or less but there are no limits to whom can learn to rescue, love, interact with and care for horses.

Note:  Above requirements do not apply to Volunteers who help with Horse Rescue Projects nor to 2017 Student Instructors – Atta, Desmond, Gaby, Lila, Ari, Malia, Hailee, Rae & Lydia

Class Locations & Times do Vary.    Please make sure you confirm your date and location via email to  at least 24 hours in advance, you are welcome to just show up but if you need help/information/confirm-there-is-room-for-you we need 24hours to respond.

  • Puntas Saturday Class ‘Cuchillo de Pina’ – Class riding is here in Puntas off 413.  If it is raining or a storm is on the radar/forecast class will be canceled.
  • Puntas Saturday Class ‘At The Beach’ – Class starts here at the beach in Puntas close to ‘Playa Don Antonio/Casa Islena’, If it is raining or a storm is on the radar/forecast class will be canceled.

Depending on your lifestyle, owning a horse in Puerto Rico can be easy and affordable.  If you want to learn how to find and own a horse in Puerto Rico please reach out to us.

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Our Class as Featured in Rincon’s El Coqui Magazine – April 2016


For best viewing of photos, click on one photo and view as a slide show

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