Did you know Defensa is currently THE ONLY 501c3 Animal Rescue Group on the Island of Puerto Rico helping the unwanted and in-need street horses?

It costs us on average $300 to minimally help a street horse!  That cost can go up to $1000 when you add the time, feeding, housing, vetting and care required to help an unwanted horse be wanted!!!   But we do it because of people like you who read, care, share and donate!    Currently no government agency helps Defensa with funding, although we continue to ask for it from them!!   If you are a local land owner please consider allowing us to fence and maintain your land for temporary housing of our rescued horses for adoption.  We hope you enjoy the photos and rescue stories that follow!

Find our current rescued horses HERE.  These rescues are made possible by your Tax Deductible Donations – if you prefer to purchase an item here is our Amazon Wishlist – we are a Federal and PR Non Profit.  All Stallions rescued by Defensa are castrated prior to release.

Aibonito Puerto Rico! Come Visit Defensa Horses & Sanctuary!!!

❤️🇵🇷🐴 We are looking for horse loving volunteers in AIBONITO Puerto Rico ❤️🇵🇷🐴 We have 10 horses on our 100-something acres in Aibonito Puerto Rico that need your help.  Learn to or Teach others … HORSE Handling, Riding, Grooming and there are also Horse Adoption opportunities 🇵🇷🐴🐴❤️ By Appt. Only Please! defensarincon@gmail.com

If that isn’t you please consider sharing this post for the sake of our horses! We simply need more people helping with these horses. A $20 donation to our caregiver & trainer in Airbonito is required as well as a donated bag of horse feed when you visit. If you need help covering these requirements please let us know. We will help you cover. Because our horse caregiver & trainer needs to be paid for his time and the food helps teach the horses to come to us when called! Location is ‘Routa Panoramica Calle 7722 ~KM 5’

Enjoy our Hope4Horses Videos

Some of our rescued horses.

We used to make a page for every rescued horse but there are too many so starting June 2018 we will add photos here.   You can view our Facebook/DefensaRincon wall to see more.