Pintos ‘R’ Us Trail Rides & Defensa Animal de Rincon run “Hope4Horses” – A program for rescuing, rehabilitating, funding and placing in Horse Sanctuaries or Private Homes horses in need in Puerto Rico.   Enjoy the below photos of some of our rescued horses over the years.  These rescues are made possible by your Tax Deductible Donations – we are a Federal and PR Non Profit.  All Stallions rescued by Defensa are castrated prior to release.

Rescued Horses & Our Aibonito Sister Sanctuary

Rescued Horses Over The Years

Papi / The Original ‘A Rescued Horse’ / Stallion Found Very Lame (check out those 2 front hoofs) and Wandering the Streets of Rincon / Now Resides in Sanctuary!

Lady Shoshanna / A Rescued Horse with 1000s of ticks, malnourished, dehydrated, very neglected! / Now Resides in Private Home

Mango Oliver aka MO / A Rescued Horse who had fallen down a hill while tied to a rope! / Now Resides in Sanctuary 

Mooneye / A Rescued Horse / Stallion & Lame Brought to Defensa by the Rincon Police!

/ Now Resides in Sanctuary

Librado – A Rescued Horse hit by a car! An Active Current Rescue in Defensa Care /  Donate PayPal to DefensaRincon@gmail.com  

Canela & Baby / A Rescued Horse Stuck in a River & Exhausted / Now Reside in Private Home!

 Mama Victoria and Daughter Akira / 2 Rescued Horses Displaced After Hurricane Maria! / Now Reside in Private Homes!

Mamacita / A Rescued Horse Roaming the Streets Hours Before Hurricane Irma! / Now Resides in Sanctuary

Barbie / A Rescued Horse Young Frail Malnourished Mare without a Home! / Now Resides in Sanctuary

Pancho & Lefty / 2 Rescued Horses Abandoned and Homeless! RIP Lefty who died after being adopted out /  Sad accident! /  Pancho resides in Private Home!

Little Chippy / A Rescued Horse / Stallion Found Passed out on the Streets! / Now Resides in Sanctuary

Navidad / A Rescued Horse Found Wandering The Rincon Post Office For Days without A Home! / Now Resides in Private Home.

Prince Casper Yetti / A Rescued Horse Abandoned  Very Malnourished &  Neglected / Now Resides in Private Home 

Cisco Kid / A Rescued Horse / Stallion Abandoned in Basic Good Health But Exhausted Due to Lack of Care and Possibly Being Ridden Hard By Random People. / Now Resides in Private Home

Enjoy our Hope4Horses Videos