Pintos ‘R’ Us Trail Rides & Defensa Animal de Rincon run “Hope4Horses” – A program for rescuing, funding and adopting out more horses in need in Puerto Rico.   Enjoy the below photos of our Sister Horse Sanctuary in Aibonito Puerto Rico.  These rescues are made possible by your tax deductible donations – we are a Federal and PR Non Profit.

Following are our current rescues – for past rescues please visit our Horses page

Lady Shoshanna – A Rescued Horse with 1000s of ticks and very neglected

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You can view Shoshanna’s Story Album below too.

Her initial rescue story ….. SHOSANNA was posted to Social Media on the evening of March 14th 2017 by a Good Samarathan .. he said Someone tied their horse up and left him to die on my property. Or they are going to get him in the morning. Either way, the old boy doesn’t need to go with them. He has open wounds filled with maggots and ticks. His braddle is cutting into his skin which is infected. Anything to do at night to help him other than food and water? The dark marks are not dirt but TICKS …. lots and lots of huge ass ticks!!! As soon as we walked up to her she walked towards us like … “Please be here to move me from this short rope with no grass to eat and get these things the fuck off me”. She really seemed to know …. It was Julie from PintosRUs that stepped up and brought Defensa into the situation the morning of March 15th 2017. When we first approached the owner they just said “they were taking care of it”. So we asked if we could bring hay and spray for ticks. They said fine. When we came back with hay and spray they started talking about releasing her to us. And it was all very very friendly. We said sure and they said .. okay than, why don’t you take her. She belonged to the granddaughter who maybe got tired of having her? Thanks to Julie and Joey (also with PintosRUs) …. the owner of Shoshanna released her to Defensa. She is now safe, off rope, eating grass and sprayed with lots of tick-killer. She is solo on a small half acre of land as it is all we have available and she is too weak to be put with other horses. Besides being very VERY neglected this Arabian looking white mare is a beauty and seemed to know we were there to help her.