Pintos ‘R’ Us Trail Rides & Defensa Animal de Rincon run “Hope4Horses” – A program for rescuing, rehabilitating, training, funding and placing in Horse Sanctuaries or Private Homes the Unwanted Street Horses of Puerto Rico.   Enjoy the below photos of some of our rescued horses over the years and find our current rescued horses HERE.  These rescues are made possible by your Tax Deductible Donations – if you prefer to purchase an item here is our Amazon Horses Wishlist – we are a Federal and PR Non Profit.  All Stallions rescued by Defensa are castrated prior to release.

Rescued Horses & Our Aibonito Sister Sanctuary


Currently we have a unique page for each horse we rescue.  You will find the list in our menu – when you hover over the menu item ‘A Rescued Horse’ – shown with this arrow here

Enjoy our Hope4Horses Videos