Defensa became aware of this serious and sad situation from social media.  We brought her into our care but sadly her condition is not something we have reached soon enough to help.  From Dr. Frontera: “Very aggressive, chronic, fungal infection. Probably Pythiosis ( swamp cancer or Kunkers ) . The treatment is surgical excision together with a very expensive antifungal medication. This horses’ lesion is very extensive and impossible to be treated with surgery”


Yesterday Farrier Garcia was her hero by spending a full day driving and dealing with truck engine issues to remove VALENTINA from a place we now know she lived with this injury for TWO months!
Today the staff from La Quinta de Aragón was her hero(S).
This injury was far worse than anything Defensa has had to deal with before. The staff from Pintos “R” Us Trail Rides was unavailable so the ability of LQdA to come last minute, fully equipped and knowledgeable, to treat such a serious injury is really beyond any gratitude that can be expressed with just words!
Warning .. photos are graphic / injury is severe! We are on Dr. Ramos schedule and have communicated via cellphone about treatment already. Whatever VALENTINA’s future holds we know the worst is over for her, we will not let her suffer in pain if euthanasia is advised. But we are going to give her time, food, shelter, love and Vet care …. We are going to give her a chance at recovery if the infection has not reached the bone!!!
Your donations and shares will help us help VALENTINA whatever her future holds!
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