Lady Shoshanna A Rescued Horse with 1000s of ticks, malnourished, dehydrated, very neglected! She is doing great because of your donations and shares! Please Continue!

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  – A Rescued Horse with 1000s of ticks and very neglected
Lady Shoshanna was rescued by Hope4Horses on  March 14th 2017.  She had been reported as tied on too short a rope with no water & no food.  She could not reach any grass!  When we arrived the worst part of her condition was thousands of ticks on her *everywhere*, including up her nose! She was weak, malnourished, dehydrated but oh so sweet and ready to be rescued.   She is now rescued, 100% tick FREE and living on Defensa Horse Rescue land.  Lady Shoshanna is being well cared for but needs a few more donations and/or shares!  Spread the word and help us help more horses in need like Lady Shoshanna.  Follow on Shoshanna’s facebook album!