Mama Muérdeme & Baby Bambi

Pregnant Horse On A Rope | Helping with Home & Care


How it started …

This obviously pregnant mare was reported to Defensa a week or so ago because she bit someone who was trying to feed her carrots.     Sometimes horses don’t know the difference between food and fingers and many times people who are trying to be kind to an animal don’t realize not all animals are timid and shy!

While Defensa works with the owner to see if we can identify a better piece of land for Mama to wait out her days before birth, we are working with some Good Samaritans to make sure she has some feed and water regularly, not too much all at once but also not nothing!

We have no desire to take ownership of Mama or her soon to be baby – But we want to help with feed if help is needed – for the sake of the horses!  No donation is too small so please toss a few dollars towards this big girl to help make everything easier on her!

Where we got to


  • We are very happy to tell you we had to move Mama and Bambi (just given this name) to a 4th location because location #3 was not good.   We continue to work with the owner for the sake of these two horses.   The owner is looking to sale both for $500.   Bambi’s Dad is a ‘Papered’ Paso Fino.   Thanks to Sr. Shawn for this beautiful piece of land for Mama and Bambi today – and once they move on Defensa can continue to use this land!   Your donations and shares make it possible for us to make happy homes like this for the horses needing them

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