This said to be 25 year old horse was reported to Defensa Feb 11 2018 by the Rincón police. Defensa called PintosRUs who administer two IV within the last 24 hours. ABUELO is one of the most emaciated horses ‭they have seen. He is in our care now. PayPal.me/PRAnimalRescue is what keeps us rescuing the horses no one else wants.  On June 12th 2018 he was moved to ‘Sanctuary’ on donated land.  He will live with one other horse there while we continue to look for a human family to adopt him!  www.DefensaRincon.org/Adopt

Original Notes From PintosRUs/Julie – We just pulled this Paso Fino stud off the streets in Rincon, Puerto Rico. He was a great horse in his day. I know the original owner. What happened since then is anybody’s guess. He is rumored to have been wandering for at least 6 months and was frighteningly dehydrated. We gave him several IV’s and put him in an area with fresh plentiful grass. Once he is healthy he will be gelded and looking for a loving home. Please share or donate to his recovery and a brighter future for this old guy.

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