Rescuing Horses in Puerto Rico | Defensa Donation Based Horse Class

One thing I am noticing as Defensa learns to rescue (help) horses in Puerto Rico is that we need more homes and people ready to take in the horses we help.   One way we were trying to do this was with our Saturday Free Horse Class (held in 2015 and 2016).  But one day a week is not enough time so we are going to try a Low Cost Horse Class.  This allows us to compensate the instructors for their time, making it more feasible for them to commit to the time and effort required.

I have been holding the Saturday Free Horse Class for over a year, every Saturday, but it isn’t enough.   I know there are people who want to help teach others but they are limited by needing paying work.

Therefore, June 13th 2016, at 9am, will be our first Defensa Low Cost Horse Class, held by Berkley – a young local horse professional.   The donation will be $10 for 90 minutes and there will be a maximum of 5 students.  Should we have a good demand we can start to group students based on skill set to maximize learning in each class.  I believe we have one other young local horse professional willing to do a 2nd Donation Based Horse Class – I will announce as soon as confirmed.

Defensa has 2 different pieces of land in the Puntas area of Rincon to hold horses we rescue – this last year we have spent money to clear and fence these donated pieces of land thanks to your financial donations and help from Rincon’s PintosRUs.  We have used one piece of land for Pancho and Lefty but most of their care was handled by their adoptive family.   We got lucky that the Wright family took this on.   Ideally we should have volunteers ready to help with the daily care of our next horse rescue.  My hope is the Donation Based Horse Class will get us there.

If you have ideas, donations, want to teach, or help to offer our horse rescuing efforts please contact me at   I strongly believe in teamwork and I’m happy to have people run with ideas!  Thank you for the support!  Cynthia Calvin

Papi ‘A Community Rescued Horse’ 🙂


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