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Sterilization prevents reproduction.  Females should be spayed (ovaries and uterus removed) and males neutered (testicles removed) by six months of age. Spaying females before maturity significantly reduces the risk of cancer and having unwanted litters. Neutering males prevents diseases, and reduces aggression. The PetVet in Isabela is trained to spay/neuter dogs/cats at the young age of 2 months. Most other Vets in the area won’t do the surgery until they are 4 months – Please see our Vets Page for contact information.

Dog Trainers

Dog Walkers & Sitters/Boarding

Please interview and judge for yourself – Each person and animal is different – You should do a meet and greet prior to leaving a stranger in your home or with your animal

Pet Stores Crates Leashes & Such

If you are traveling with your animal please read our Traveling Page – more options on crates on that page too

  • Aguadilla PetCo on the 2 after 107 Aguadilla airport turn off
  • Rincon Casa Agrícola Y Pesca Cj Trebol 787-505-3775 (as mentioned above) – 115 Plaza next to BankO Popular with Yogurt Shop – in the far back 787-505-3775
  • Mayaquez Mall Walmart


  • Marie Petnanny & Grooming 787-597-8685 offers Defensa fosters/rescues a free grooming! If you don’t have an Defensa foster, consider one – or use Marie’s paid services for your pet!!
  • AMC Vet Clinic has a grooming service – please contact them directly 787-868-8000
  • Joey’s Grooming – Mayaguez – (787) 642-7059 – Located in the same parking lot as Miradero Clinic
  • Miguel comes to your house 787-648-5167


Protect animals and people from specific viral and bacterial infections such as Leptospirosis, Distemper and rabies. Puppies should be vaccinated at 2, 3 and 4 months of age and then once annually. A puppy’s vaccination protocol of 3 boosters should be strictly followed, then followed by a yearly vaccination. The vaccines are administered by the veterinarian. The dogs in Defensa’s Adoption Program are immunized and their records will be given to you at the time of adoption. If you new dog would need a booster shot, the Defensa  representative will inform you.

Flea and Tick Control

You can help keep your dog clean and reduce shedding by brushing it frequently. Check for fleas and ticks daily. For dogs over 3 months old, bath your dog with a flea and tick shampoo (or a cheap solution in Puerto Rico is Vel Dish Soap or American Dawn Dish Soap or Palmolive Anti Grease soap) and after 24hrs put Certifect flea/tick meds on the dog.  If needed you can also use a flea and tick collar to further control the situation.

‘Feed Store’ known as Agricolas Productos – SuperPagesPR has a directory Island wide – In Rincon it is Casa Agrícola Y Pesca Cj Trebol 787-505-3775 located in the 115 Plaza next to BankO Popular.   If fleas and ticks are a HUGE problem, speak to your veterinarian and read the ‘thread of tips’ that follow now- it comes from several people on the FB Group ‘Friends of Rincon‘.

  • A recommended tool we have been told about is The O’Tom Tick Tick Twister
  • Guinea hens in the yard will eat them
  • Capstar is a pill that rids them of every flea  within 30 min. Just have to make sure they are outside because all the fleas jump off, available on
  • tick/flea prevention we SENTRY CAPGUARD FLEA TABLETS FOR PETS, available at Casa Agrícola in Rincon and online at Amazon.
  • What works really well is sanitizing everything with vinegar. I had the same problem…. Wash everything with vinegar in the washing machine, sanitize your floors with vinegar and brush your dogs with apple cider and lemon juice. it should relieve the infestation.
  • I got rid of ticks with diatomaceous earth inside the house, under the furniture, all the corners. We were very successful with the flea collar. (be aware, some warn breathing the dirt is not healthy for animals or people)
  • We had a horrible flea and tick problem till we got our chickens. They did our entire lawn on a daily basis.
  • I use the preventick collars. The vet recommended them, he explained a lot of the taxi or have her assistance, they work amazingly well for my dogs, you can get them for cheaper online or on Amazon


This parasite lives in the heart and is passed from dog to dog by mosquitoes. Heartworm infections can be fatal. Your Vet can test for Heartworm. A once-a-month pill will protect your dog. You can purchase online, at the Vet or talk to your local Puerto Rican Feed Store for less expensive options.   Here is a detailed Heartworm Disease in Dogs PDF from the AMC Vet Clinic

Other Worm

It is common for dogs to be exposed to worms and possible infestation. All puppies should be dewormed by a veterinarian regardless of fecal evaluation. The heartworm preventive also acts as a deworming medicine. Giving your animal regular dewormer is something to discuss with your Vet. Again, you can purchase a less expensive option at your local Feed Store.


A balanced meal is essential for a healthy dog. Please do not feed your dog leftover human food since it does not contain essential nutrients and may be high in fat and salt. Have clean, fresh water available at all times. Wash food and water dishes daily.   **NOTE*** Newborn animals without their mother should not be given ‘normal food’.  You can give them goat milk (not cow milk or daily products) or better yet visit a local Vet office and get ‘formula’ for type and age animal.  Newborn animals without their mother may not urinate if their mother is not licking/stimulating their anus – you can use a wet warm washcloth to simulate.

Cleaning Up and Exercise

Animals need exercise. Walking your dog is a good practice and at the same time it will establish a routine for the dog to relieve himself. A young puppy will need to go frequently – at least four times per day. If you have a fenced backyard and your dog has access to it, spend time with him playing or engaged in any activity that will force him to move and not get bored. Bored and under-exercised dogs tend to bark more, dig holes and could destroy property.


You will need to provide your pet with a warm, quiet place to rest away from all drafts and off the floor. You may wish to buy a dog bed or a pillow. Wash the dog’s bedding often. If your dog will be spending a great deal of time outdoors, you will need to provide it with a covered shelter and plenty of cool water. Remember that keeping your dog outdoors all the time will make him lonely, bored and anxious. A dog without human warmth and touch will show more behavior problems. Love your dog and keep him indoors.


Be sure to attach the ID tag to your dog’s collar. An ID tag can help secure your dog’s return if he becomes lost. Include your name, phone and barrio

Frogs / Toads in Puerto Rico

Always contact a Vet – There are emergency numbers on our Vet Page – Here is information about dogs and licking toads (similar to what we have in Puerto Rico – Poisoning is Possible)