Dia de Defensa

Year 2 – Click on the flyer below for all the details  – If you have questions or would like to participate please email us at defensarincon@gmail.com or text us at 787-431-4216

Year 1

Save the date April 24th 1pm – 5pm – Questions?  email defensarincon@gmail.com

Food will be available for purchase from The Wok – 100% of purchase price will be a donation

Pony Rides available from PintosRUs for $1 donation a ride

Drinks available for purchase – 100% purchase price will be a donation

50/50 Cash Raffle – Live Music local band Los Satos – Arts and Crafts

Make a donation now

We appreciate any donation amount

  • It costs approximately $150 to spay/neuter a dog
  • It costs approximately $300 to rescue a horse
  • It costs approximately $100 to spay/neuter a cat
  • It costs approximately $200-$500 in Vet services for animals rescued from the street
  • It costs approximately $200 a month to feed a horse ($55 grain/alfalfa – if hay required $100 + misc.)

(Click on photos to view  in full)

Dia de Defensa 2016 The Wok

dia de defensa

Event planners, also coordinating the food and the music, areJames, Jaime & Terry – – Artists are being coordinated by Maureen, Pony Rides by Pintos “R” Us Trail Rides/Julie & 50/50 Raffle con Medallas byAngela y yo!!! 100% of proceeds for the day going to Defensa Animal de Rincon Puerto Rico – Well behaved animals are welcome smile emoticon … if anyone would like to do face painting or such please let me know … maybe Mary-Kate will be in town?? (smile) – This is a Fundraising Event for the street animals of Puerto Rico

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