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Zeuterin (Non-Surgical Neutering) Training

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DAR is looking for veterinarians and those allowed to administer a vaccine in Puerto Rico interested in participating in a training lab for Zeuterin, the new non-surgical alternative to traditional neutering.

Zeuterin, known as the “injectable neuter” is a single injection that offers a safe, permanent, and virtually painless alternative to surgical castration. This product has the potential to be a game-changer with respect to animal population control. Interested people , please email DAR at


EXACT DATE of training will be set once we have attendees determined.


Estamos buscando veterinarios y los autorizados para administrar una vacuna en Puerto Rico interesados en participar en un training de Zeuterin, la nueva alternativa a la castración.

Zeuterin™, mejor conocida como castración química, es una manera de esterilizar a perros machos con dos inyecciones de gluconato de zinc y arginina. Veterinarios interesados, por favor comuníquese con DAR (Defensa Animal de Rincón)

Fecha exacta de la formación se establecerá una vez que hemos determinado los asistentes


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