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About 3 Month Anniversary

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It has been about 3 months for D A R now.   In those 3 months we have adopted out 15 dogs and currently have 16 dogs in foster care.  You can see all our dogs from or you can go directly to each foster dog’s unique adopt page by putting their name in the URL… for example, “Blanca” would be … or “Brindie” is  Please continue to share our group with your friends …. You Never Know Who Is Looking For A Dog!!!!

Click on this Photo to enlarge and see all our current dogs needing foster or forever homes!


Sunday Rincon Farmer’s Market

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You will find D A R with some of our adoptable dogs every Sunday at The Rincon Farmer’s Market.  It is a great opportunity for you to meet our dogs and see if one fits your family!  If you’d like to volunteer to help one of our fosters by bringing their foster to the Market, please email us at     Come say “hi” this Sunday!!!


Thank You All

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So many to thank for a wonderful fundraising event …. Sarah our Event Planner was key!!  Thank you Sarah!!! All-Events-New-Logo Click on an image, starting with “DAR Would Also Like To Thank” to view as a slideshow.  Please email us if we accidently overlooked anyone .. as you can see .. there are a lot ..

All services and items were donated.  No one was paid and all the proceeds go towards the animals directly!!!

Our bands, DJ, Artists, etc …. Thank you all … and to our many volunteers!!

Photographers of the night Mark Buondonno & Vanessa Vargus!! Thank You Both – View their photos found HERE

ALL THE Raffle Kids … Joe, Jay, & ??? 

Lorenzo Blanco!

Elijah Kleine

dar would like to thank

all events logolions club logo Oct 2013Capture love that rincon glass logo maureen logo mi familia pizza oceano logo

CAM01461All-Events-New-Logo cosmic sole

885324_411497518994697_1137662410_o PUNTAS SURF SCHOOLlions club maureen logo patria logo paw ogo quality logo red door 2 rincon pottery logo sabai tao logo susanna caban logo tommy be logo tonys fix logo unchartered logo

Profit and Loss Statement December 9 2013

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Thank you for all the donations!

Defensa Animal de Rincon Incorporated 12/09/13 Profit and Loss Standard

December 1 – 9, 2013

  Dec 1 – 9, ’13
Charitable Contributions 1,325.60  
Individual Contributions  
Charitable Contributions – O… 1,460.76  
Total Charitable Contributions 2,786.36
Total Income 2,786.36
Expense 13.32
Veterinary Care 56.00  
Euthanasia 55.00  
Heartworm Preventive 131.00  
Labs 74.00  
Medication 89.05  
Rabies 38.00  
Sterilization 310.00  
Tick & Flea Preventive 37.50  
X-Rays 50.00  
Total Veterinary Care 840.55
Total Expense 853.87
Net Income 1,932.49

Sunday Adoption Days Rincon Farmer Market

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Each Sunday from us at the Rincon Farmer’s Market with our Adoptable Animals

Our dogs all are spay/neutered, vaccinated, de-wormed, de-tick/flea and 4dx tested prior to getting adopted.

Please spread the word – You can short-term or long-term foster too!

Sunday Dec 8th 2013 Photos

CAM01432 ChocChica ChocChicBrindie CAM01426 CAM01422 CAM01397 CAM01400 CAM01401 CAM01414 CAM01416 CAM01395 CAM01394 CAM01391 AllFour

“Bruno” The Boxer

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Now in DAR Care!  He has been to the Vet! Please consider donating or sharing for his continued care.  Bruno does need a forever home!   Opps, sorry we thought he was a Great Dane when we were first notified of his needs, after seeing him and visit to the Vet – we have been informed he is a Boxer!!

TO DONATE CLICK 100% Goes to Bruno!

 Story on Bruno

This young boy, estimated not more than 4-years old was apparently dumped in Sabana Grande, Puerto Rico. He is a pure breed Boxer, weighing in at 47 pounds and is excellent with children. A healthy dog his breed and stature would be about 60 to 70 pounds. Bruno was taken to Miradero Animal Clinic on Nov. 25, where 4dx heartworm testing was done. He is negative!! However, he does has hook worm, he’s anemic and has very low blood cell counts. He was immediately treated for the hook worms, and when stronger and healthier (in about 2-weeks), Bruno will recieve vaccinations and sterilized. Please consider sponsoring Bruno, his vitamins were $34., food $57., and thus far visit and treatment another $100., in sponsoring this beautiful animal it becomes a combined effort of contributions (be it monthly or one lump summ) to his road to recovery.

Bruno is just a little charmer and though very week, does give kisses and gently places his face in your hands for kisses and massage.

Let’s give Bruno and our animals for adoption a chance at a beautiful life.


CameraZOOM-20131125184912718 brunocropped CameraZOOM-20131125184900402 CameraZOOM-20131125195141925 CameraZOOM-20131125193424417

Fundraising for DAR from Anywhere

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Today, with Social Networking and Paypal, you really can raise money for the street animals of Puerto Rico from anywhere in the World.  Some fundraising ideas – tell us if you are doing any and we will promote your business too!!!

  • Donate a dollar to DAR for each new LIKE on your business facebook page – Positive Animal Wellness | PAW is doing this for DAR right now.  Simply go to PAW’s facebook page and click LIKE.   That gets us a dollar!!  It will add up fast, you can always set a limit
  • Donate 10% of a day or week or month’s business sales to DAR.  The Surfing Potato did this just this month for DAR.   The money they raised will help a street animal get adopted
  • Have a Bake Sale
  • Rincon Artist Maureen Schmidt donated 10% of the sale of her piece “There’s The Green Flash” to DAR
  • Do an Online Fundraiser – google ideas and you will find many.  Run with it.  Whatever you need just email us and we will take your lead –
  • Have a party!!!   At your home or at your Restaurant – we all promote it and you can give a percentage of the night’s take to DAR!
  • Motivate someone else to raise money and offer to match what they raise!  Say there is a highschool student that wants to mow laws to raise money – you let them run with that and motivate everyone by matching whatever they raise.

The ideas are endless!   All you need is the desire to do it.    And the animals you help to save will have a better life … just like Blanca, Waggles, Polo and Chocolate!!!

1425456_10202535540654714_1671215390_o (1)photob668b7f0-8272-4ce0-9717-44292976de79wallpaper1457471_10201711081437504_1257177493_n (1)


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Defensa de Animal Rincon (DAR) is a new animal rescue group founded in November of 2013. The goal of the group is simple: to help the street animals of Rincon and Western Puerto Rico.

It is not the intention of DAR to replace Any Other Rescue Foundation. DAR would like to complement Any Other Rescue Group’s services.  DAR would also like to concentrate on increasing the percentage of neutered and spayed animals throughout the island of Puerto Rico.

DAR will be 100% a volunteer organization, they believe their funds should go to the animals and not to salaries and overhead. Donors will know that if they donate $60 to spay an animal 100% of that $60 will go to spaying an animal. DAR will be financially transparent, offering up its balance sheet and spending through monthly newsletters.

It is with this in mind that we hope you and your organization will consider an ongoing funding effort to support DAR. Our dedication and your involvement would help thousands of animals on this side of Puerto Rico, and we hope eventually across the entire island.

With respect,

Defensa de Animal Rincon

Thank you Anonymous Rincon Resident Donor – $1250 To Start!

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DAR is up and running.    Now we are finalizing our Vet relationships (discounts and such) as well as our banking needs.   We are taking donations currently!   So we can start to help animals.  Specifically street animals to start – but fostering and adopting is in the works. Paypal to our or use our Donate Page.   Thank you!



What We Need To Start This 2013 Animal Rescue Group

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Some of the highlights of accomplishments while at Another Rescue Foundation of Rincon:

  • Immediately went from salaried employees to 100% volunteers within first month
  • Implemented eVoucher system with vets (eliminating paper Vouchers) within first month
  • Paid up all vet balances and consolidated number of vets from about 6 to top 3 within first month
  • Maintain average monthly bank balance of $10k
  • Grew Facebook fans from 1300 to over 1900 in 9-months
  • Believed and implemented lean business practices, i.e. substantially decreased monthly telephone and cable bill from over $60. to just $10., using VoIP telephony company.
  • Won Google Non-Profit award and given $10k monthly online marketing budget
  • Moved email address from Yahoo! to Google as we felt FREE software and apps were offered to non-profit
  • Another Rescue Group of Rincon of Rincon has an identity – won and designed Another Rescue Group of Rincon logo and began branding
  • Immediately work to obtain non-profit status for Another Rescue Group of Rincon in Puerto Rico – still pending in San Juan
  • Created campaign for crowd funding and received $1k donations through our efforts for Street Spay Animal Program
  • Sterilized street animals
  • Created and implement successful Pet Travel Agent Program, successfully adopting 92 animals in 9-months!!
  • Tested cats for feline leukemia and dogs for 4dx heartworm
  • Assisted owned animals with emergency vet care for broken legs and eurichlia
  • Recouped investment in our animals by setting Adoption Fees.
  • Held meeting with Mayor and had planned for TV Commercial on Another Rescue Group of Rincon of Rincon
  • Paid all vets before 7th of new month and established sound working relationships – working to create DAR discount accounts as well. 🙂
  • Began to gain trust with the community and business owners, they were seeing and feeling our changes and became more receptive. Flyers were placed on stores, i.e. Econo, 7 Express, Edward’s Food Market etc with contact information

We are looking for financial donations to start but we also welcome you to become more involved in any way you’d like.