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Casa Bianca 5 Night Stay Fundraiser – Winner is Meghan Verano

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She won a 5 Night Stay for up to 6 People in Rincon Puerto Rico at Beautiful Casa Bianca located in Puntas close to Surfing

Details of What she won – Stay Tuned on for our Next Fundraising Event!!!

  • $5 minimum Donation & Donate as often as you like –
  • 2 Bedroom Apt Rental C at Casa Bianca  One Donor will receive a 5 Night Stay for up to 6 people – 2 Queen Beds – 1 Futon
  • Normal rental price is $165/night or $825 value.
  • Eligible Donations start May 23rd 2014 and end August 1st 2014, minimum donation $5
  • DAR Sponsor Club Members are automatically eligible
  • Stay must be used in September or October 2014 and stay is subject to availability
  • Blackout Dates: September 1 2014 Labor Day / October 13 2014 Columbus Day
  • Additional Fee Include : Refundable $150 Security Deposit , $50 Cleaning Deposit Non-Refundable
  • Donor receiving gift will be announced 7pm August 3rd at the Rincon Beer Co Paws for a Cause EVENT – around 7pm – Their name will be posted on DAR Facebook Page and in a Blog Post by end of day August 2nd





Where your donations go – Often to unowned hurt animals

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Great Dane Sasha’s Story – Sasha was cared for in the end – Thanks to your Sponsor Club memberships her $299 services were covered!!! After this beautiful Great Dane was hit by a car yesterday on the 115 and no owner could be identified – she was in the loving care of Miradero Vet Clinic when her time came to an end! Thanks to those of you who contribute financially to DAR she did not suffer alone on the street in her final hours. DAR can only continue with your help – Please share/like on facebook too,  if you care and consider for as little as $5 a month you can directly help more unowned Puerto Rican animals like Sasha! RIP Sasha RIP

help more animals like Sasha by joining DAR Sponsor Club for as little as $5 a month and cancel anytime you need!



What’s Happening at DAR | May 2014 Newsletter

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To view this Newsletter – best viewed in your Browser by clicking HERE.  If you’d like an email copy please let us know at

DAR’s Mission is to Help Animals (Dogs, Cats & Horses) in and around Western Puerto Rico | To Spay/Neuter, Vaccinate, Address the Health of and Find Homes for the Street Animals | To Work With and Identify Veterinarians throughout Puerto Rico willing to offer Discounted Spay/Neuter services for Owned Animals

49 Animals Adopted! Help Us Help More!

By sharing this email with your friends you may help find another sweet animal their forever home!.
Our animals can fly to you in the USA or Canada.
DAR has partnered with Zeuterin to bring a non-surgical neuter training workshop to Rincon –  The training will be offered to any qualified Puerto Rican animal professional.   We need attendees and we need need donations to cover the training, so please share.   Contact us if you’d like to help  If you’d like more information on Zeuterin please check out the references/stories/videos on ourFacebook Event Page.
DAR is working with CANDi (Cats and Dogs International) to bring a large scale spay/neuter clinic to Puerto Rico (similar to this photo of their clinic in Mexico just last month).  We must find local licensed Vets to make this happen.  Please help us spread the word and find Vets throughout Puerto Rico willing to help!  ( &

You can help, not only by adopting!
You can support DAR’s Last Chance Rescue Operation.  

With money, we can fly many of these dogs to the
Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation in Arlington VA
We have successfuly done so with two dogs already and we have two more scheduled to travel to their Last Chance!!!  More information and their stories with associated costs can be found on our
Last Chance Rescue Operation Page
Make a one time donation or Join our Sponsor Club with as little as $5 a month.
Let’s Do This!
We Can Do This Together!

You can view more photos, videos and information of each animal by visiting ourDAR Adopt Page or by entering the animal’s name in your browser’s URL as follows –<animals name>.  For example, “Jobo” shown below- enter in your browser’s URL and you will be taken directly to Jobo’s Adopt Page.   Once an animal is adopted their page is removed.  If you are having trouble please email us we are happy to help!
Forward to Friend

Papi’s Story

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Papi’s Story

Story by Cynthia Calvin (Start from the bottom if you anxious to see the Happy Ending!!!) … “Papi” was an unclamned and lame horse who was living on the streets of Rincon, Puerto Rico.  He was tied up at the baseball field for months until the city manager kicked him off.  Then he was tied up in the trails behind El Faro.  Both places lacked enough grass/food and water.   The final straw, when I decided to take responsiblity for Papi was on Christmas Eve Day, 2011 – Papi was tied up on the dangerous curve of the 413 (at Puesta del Sol).  He’d gotten off rope and was walking across the road – obviously dangerous for Papi, our community and tourists.

horse rescue rincon puerto rico

Papi’s 2 front lame hoofs (above) – When Rescued in 2011

Papi’s 2 front lame hoofs (below) – Getting Better Nov 2013


I moved him onto the wonderful donated-short-term land of The Green Room Surfboard Rentals, 12/31/11 to 2/4/12.   Papi and I will always be grateful to Clemente and Ted for stepping up and offering Papi their land.

Papi Jan 2012 living on a rope, on the Green Room land

Papi Jan 2012 living on a rope, on the Green Room land

But the wonderful Green Room land had limited grass and wasn’t fenced for a horse.  Papi escaped for a few days and at about that same time Julie, from PintosRUS, identified some land by Sandy Beach that was available and offered up (anonomously).   So in Feburary of 2012 I moved Papi to the land by Sandy Beach.  A big thanks to Julie and our land owners for this great grass filled & fenced in spot across from Casa Islena. Unfortunately this land, across from Casa Islena, is for sale and we need to spread the word to find Papi a forever home before he has to leave this land!

Papi with The Red Door's Emily & Marcus | July 2012

Papi with The Red Door’s Emily & Marcus | July 2012

On March 2nd, 2012, I had Papi gelded – hoping to give him more chances for a forever home with other horses. In May of 2012 the wonderful Red Door Boutique at Sandy Beach offered to feed and water Papi daily.  Marcus and Emily give Papi the love and attention he deserves daily!

In September of 2012 Papi and Dieguito are living together on the wonderful donated land by Casa Islena Inn on Sandy Beach!

Dieguito (left) & Papi (right)
Dieguito (left) & Papi (right)

Notes on Papi’s Health 2012:  Several knowledgable horse-people have interacted with Papi and everyone has said he doesn’t seem to be in pain.  Thanks to Annie & Justin of, Papi was seen in 2012 by Annie’s Father who is a Vet in Colorado.  He believes Papi tore ligaments on both hoofs.  He also didn’t feel Papi needed to be put down at this point.  But if Papi stops moving or stops getting up from his completely-prone-laying-like-a-dog-naps then we will need to put him down.   I am open to educated people assessing Papi’s condiction and working with them to make sure Papi is not suffering.

Aug 2013 .. Papi is looking better.   We are just starting to see if Joe, 9 years old pictured here on Papi’s back, can ride Papi short distances, at a slow pace, around Sandy Beach.  We had a horse trainer take a look and ride on Papi – he gave Papi the green light to get out a bit more.   Papi and Dieguito are best of buddies and we are all very very thankful to the many people of Rincon who have made his recovery possible!!!

Volunteer to help with Street Rescued Dogs | Puerto Rico Animal Rescue

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DAR dogs can really use friends to help take them to Sunday Rincon Farmer’s Market and/or visit them at their foster homes!

  • Farmer’s Market Volunteer Work – email us at and we can connect you with a foster home in your area so you can pick up a dog around 9:30am on Sunday – bring them to the Rincon Plaza and show them off till Noon.  Then you just take them back to their foster home!
  • Foster Home Visits – email us at and we can connect you with a foster home in your area so you can work directly with the foster parent to set a schedule.  Possibly take the dog for a walk, give them a bath or clean up … whatever you, the foster and the animal decide would be greatly appreciated!!!

Pet Day at the Rincon Deportivo

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Sunday March 16, from 9am to 1pm, the Colegio de Tecnologos Medicos de Puerto Rico are hosting the Rincon Pet Day offering various pet services and information including, low cost vaccinations, grooming, photo sessions and pet supplies.  DAR will be attending the event and hosting a table with information on our mission.  We will also have volunteers from Surf House escorting some of our adoptable animals to the event.  Please spread the word and join us!

pet day flyer

Following Up on the First Rincon Woofstock

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When we started planning Rincon Woofstock, we knew we were going to need a lot of help.  Luckily one of our truly great supporters and volunteers, Sarah Rosario of All Events, a wedding and event planning company located in Rincon, was eager to help and came with a lot of great ideas and contacts.   Of course music was going to be the focus of the event and the lineup of bands that Sarah brought was amazing.  Batucada was a donation by a generous sponsor, All of the other music and bands played for free!SONY DSC

One of the highlights of the evening was drawing the winner of the “7 Night Stay in Rincon” raffle.  The vacation villa was donated by Jessica and Chris Ayers who own the Villa Monte Playa and tickets were being sold online for $20 apiece leading up to the event.  The winner was Judy Andronici and I’m sure she will soon be inviting 3 friends to join her on her next Rincon vacation.DAR woofstock_ (58)

Local artists Maureen Schmidt and Enid Miranda helped organize and recruit artists for the artist tables.  We had some beautiful and amazing artists displaying and selling their creations, from hand blown glass, to wood cut prints and sea glass jewelry.  The artists tables were a great addition to the event, DAR would like to thank and the artists who came to the event to support our organization.SONY DSC

We chose Joe’s Bar at Club Nautico because we all know Joe loves animals and is supportive of the community.  The location in the marina was perfect for a community event and Joe’s has a fantastic outdoor covered patio, perfect for the music and display of silent auction items and Joe donated 10% of all food and alcohol sales to DAR!

At this point we have to give a huge thank you to all of the Rincon businesses (see the list below) that donated items to the silent auction and raffle, such generous donations of highly valuable items of art, dinning gift certificates, activities and more, something for everybody and almost all of the items were raffled over the minimum bid.  Another thank you to those that supported the silent auction.DAR woofstock_ (52)

Mary-Kate Gales, a Rincon professional hair and make-up artist, donated her time generated donations through children’s facepainting, I know the kids enjoyed her work!

Our first band, Rincon Kids Crew, was organized by Ryan Martin of Kare Property Management.  Local kids, playing in front of people for the first time, it was a window to the future when these kids will be paying at the 10th Annual Rincon Woofstock, a great way to start the day and a great way for the kids to find their voice.DAR woofstock_ (80)

DJ EJK, and DJ Levy donated the soundsystem and DJ EJK was gracious enough to mc the event, thanks for doing such a great job!  DAR woofstock_ (44)

At about 3pm, the Disfunction began playing.  A perfect band to open the day with lots of energy to bring the curious crowd in, the music sounded great and the for an afternoon gig, they brought the goods and it showed as more and more people started wandering to the event to see what they were hearing.DAR woofstock_ (6)

Fernadito Ferrar played a beautiful solo acoustic set that really showed off his creativity in crafting a full musical arrangement by looping percussion with his guitar and amazing voice.  He is a Rincon treasure and we are so happy to have had him at this event.

RumBomPlena followed with a high energy set that got the crowd to their feet, dancing under the patio at Joe’s, in the street and down to the marina.  They were a great addition to the lineup and offered their service very early in the process.SONY DSC

Batucada Bossa y Samba came out next with loud drums in a parade down the street and into Joe’s, the crowd clapping and moving to the beat and with a giant animated costume, facemasks and a rhythm and beat that drew everyone in, an amazing show!

Clase Aparte was a last minute addition to the music lineup and really wowed the audience with a mix salsa and dance music that kept the good vibes and captured the spirit of the night, a fun band of very good musicians we were so lucky to have be a part of this event.

Finally, Barrio Grande | Bomba Reggae Dub, brought the party to its zenith with a great set of  party music, I think the crowd and I know all of us did not want the music to end.  The music of the Rincon Woofstock delivered and thanks to all the great musicians and dj’s who volunteered their time, we hope you support these generous artists whenever and wherever you can.

Just before the final band, the silent auction ended with the high bids winning the items, if you bid, please contact DAR to see if you won,  We also announced the winner of the 50/50 raffle, which grew to over $1200, the winning ticket #62, Jessica Ayers who donated the Villa Monte for Rincon 7 night Stay raffle won $600, I guess kid karma won out tonight!SONY DSC

DAR would again like to thank all of the volunteers, sponsors and donors as well as the community for making the First Annual Rincon Woofstock and huge success!  Because together we can make a differnce and the funds raised will allow DAR to continue helping animals on this side of the island of Puerto Rico.

All Events

Joe’s Bar@Club Nautico

Maureen Scmidt

Enid Miranda

Rincon Rentals

Mango Beach Shop

Pool Bar Sushi


Rincon Surf School

Miradero Vet Clinic

Sunset Spa

The Red Door

Rincon Ride

Do Galego

Inertia Studio

DJ Levy

Mary-Kate Gales

Bonet Liquor

Tiah Schibel

Raul Sea Glass

Rincon Sailing

Vanessa Vargas Photography


413 Geek










Raffle Winners – Villa Monte Playa & 50/50

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Thanks to everyone for entering

Jessica Ayers ticket number 62 won the $605

Judy Andronici won the Villa Monte Playa 7 night Stay

MORE RAFFLES COMING – Keep an eye on our Facebook Page Please!

Profit and Loss Statement January 2014

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Defensa Animal de Rincon Incorporated

02/05/14 Profit and Loss Standard

January 2014

Jan ’14

Charitable Contributions

Individual Contributions 2,348.02

Total Charitable Contributi… 2,348.02

Total Income 2,348.02

Adoption Expense

Travel Adoption Expense 685.36

Total Adoption Expense 685.36

Bank Service Charges 30.70

Food 151.93

Miscellaneous Expense 759.69

Veterinary Care 2,028.21

Total Expense 3,655.89

Net Income -1,307.87

Win a 7 Night Stay at Rincon’s Villa Monte Playa Vacation Rental

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Win a 7 Night Stay for up to 4 Guests

at Villa Monte Playa in Rincon, Puerto Rico*

$20/entry, enter as many times as you like

Raffle To Be Held Feb 23rd 9pm at the

First Annual Rincon Woofstock at Joe’s Bar

Winner need not be present


View Villa Monte Playa on VRBO as 466113 – Regular Rate $90 – $110 per Night – But you can have it for just $20 if you win!!!  The more you enter the better your chances and it helps the homeless animals of Puerto Rico!!!

*Enter via paypal to – Each $20 donated qualifies for 1 entry to win.  Winner gets 7 nights for 4 people max – Blackout Dates Apply:  BLACKOUT DATES January, Febuary, July December and all Federal Holiday Weeks

Drawing will be held Sunday Feb 23rd 2014 at DAR Presents Woofstock at Joe’s Bar – Rincon Marina. You do not need to be present to win.


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Villa Monte Playa Raffle IMG_0008 IMG_0010 IMG_0026 IMG_0036 VRBO 2 VRBO 4 VRBO 7