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Rescuing Horses in Puerto Rico | Defensa Donation Based Horse Class

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One thing I am noticing as Defensa learns to rescue (help) horses in Puerto Rico is that we need more homes and people ready to take in the horses we help.   One way we were trying to do this was with our Saturday Free Horse Class (held in 2015 and 2016).  But one day a week is not enough time so we are going to try a Low Cost Horse Class.  This allows us to compensate the instructors for their time, making it more feasible for them to commit to the time and effort required.

I have been holding the Saturday Free Horse Class for over a year, every Saturday, but it isn’t enough.   I know there are people who want to help teach others but they are limited by needing paying work.

Therefore, June 13th 2016, at 9am, will be our first Defensa Low Cost Horse Class, held by Berkley – a young local horse professional.   The donation will be $10 for 90 minutes and there will be a maximum of 5 students.  Should we have a good demand we can start to group students based on skill set to maximize learning in each class.  I believe we have one other young local horse professional willing to do a 2nd Donation Based Horse Class – I will announce as soon as confirmed.

Defensa has 2 different pieces of land in the Puntas area of Rincon to hold horses we rescue – this last year we have spent money to clear and fence these donated pieces of land thanks to your financial donations and help from Rincon’s PintosRUs.  We have used one piece of land for Pancho and Lefty but most of their care was handled by their adoptive family.   We got lucky that the Wright family took this on.   Ideally we should have volunteers ready to help with the daily care of our next horse rescue.  My hope is the Donation Based Horse Class will get us there.

If you have ideas, donations, want to teach, or help to offer our horse rescuing efforts please contact me at   I strongly believe in teamwork and I’m happy to have people run with ideas!  Thank you for the support!  Cynthia Calvin

Papi ‘A Community Rescued Horse’ 🙂


Dia de Defensa

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Year 2 – Click on the flyer below for all the details  – If you have questions or would like to participate please email us at or text us at 787-431-4216

Year 1

Save the date April 24th 1pm – 5pm – Questions?  email

Food will be available for purchase from The Wok – 100% of purchase price will be a donation

Pony Rides available from PintosRUs for $1 donation a ride

Drinks available for purchase – 100% purchase price will be a donation

50/50 Cash Raffle – Live Music local band Los Satos – Arts and Crafts

Make a donation now

We appreciate any donation amount

  • It costs approximately $150 to spay/neuter a dog
  • It costs approximately $300 to rescue a horse
  • It costs approximately $100 to spay/neuter a cat
  • It costs approximately $200-$500 in Vet services for animals rescued from the street
  • It costs approximately $200 a month to feed a horse ($55 grain/alfalfa – if hay required $100 + misc.)

(Click on photos to view  in full)

Dia de Defensa 2016 The Wok

dia de defensa

Event planners, also coordinating the food and the music, areJames, Jaime & Terry – – Artists are being coordinated by Maureen, Pony Rides by Pintos “R” Us Trail Rides/Julie & 50/50 Raffle con Medallas byAngela y yo!!! 100% of proceeds for the day going to Defensa Animal de Rincon Puerto Rico – Well behaved animals are welcome smile emoticon … if anyone would like to do face painting or such please let me know … maybe Mary-Kate will be in town?? (smile) – This is a Fundraising Event for the street animals of Puerto Rico

Horse Rescue

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We HAVE our donated land to start rescuing horses, thanks to the Perez Family for the FREE 5 acres in Barrio Rio Grande of Rincon. The land needs clearing and fence repairs so we are ASKING FOR DONATIONS specifically for that work Paypal Part of the land will need to be cleared by big machines in the future, because it has too many large trees to clear by hand. But another large part of the land is already being cleared by hand. It is $10/hr per man and so far we have done 20 hours of clearing. We likely have another $300 minimally to spend on fencing and clearing. The more money we get the better we can make the land for more extreme rescue cases that require stalls or separation. There is a river on the land and plenty of grass, as well as neighbors offering their water for the horses. A HUGE thanks to our bilingual horse ladies Amy and Jesmarie! Our goal is to rescue and adopt out the horses with the help of many! We are a community of horse lovers so please join us in any capacity if you would like, you are needed and welcome! One Horse Love, Cynthia!donated land

iGive and Amazon July 2015

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Save the Date! Wednesday, July 15th, Amazon is offering some truly Amazonian deals to celebrate their birthday.  Most of the deals are for Prime members.  So, check out Amazon Prime, and earn Defensa Animal de Rincon an extra $1.20 when you join that program. And of course, all Amazon purchases help Defensa Animal de Rincon when you shop via iGive.

Do remember that Amazon is special. Use iGive links, bookmarks, or the drop down menu in the iGive Button to start your shopping.  Our favorite:’s a Double Dip if Amazon has your cause listed there.  We’ll take you to make it easy to earn .5% from Amazon.  And, we’ll give Defensa Animal de Rincon .8%.  Your total:  1.3%. Better than double, actually.

Of course, Amazon reporting is special, too.  Your cause will get credit, but you will not see anything reported to you, personally.

More is better so tell your friends –

  1. When friends shop, they’ll help Defensa Animal de Rincon.  Why not let them take advantage of over 1,600 stores that want to help?
  2. The average shopper is raising over $30 – $100 a year for their cause … all for free.
  3. It’s simple and automatic.
  4. This month, $5 free, just for trying us out.

iGive July $1000 Contest

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July $1,000 Contest and $5 New Member Bonuses Mean Bigger Donations for Defensa Animal de Rincon

Summer’s a great time to help Defensa Animal de Rincon just by sharing.  Tell your friends, even friends who support some other cause or charity. Each person who joins iGive in July for the first time can mean $5 automatically donated to his or her cause … no purchase necessary!  All they need to do is try the iGive Button through 10/15/15.
Use this link if you haven’t joined already

The person who gets the most new members to join iGive in July and try the Button through10/15/15 earns $500 for his or her cause – no matter what cause or charity the new members they invited choose to support.  $250 prizes go to the second and third place winners’ causes.

Share your special Tell A Friend link to get credit for the contest (it’s the only way to get credit).

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At your Tell A Friend page you’ll also be able to see which of your friends are helping you win Defensa Animal de Rincon one of those sweet prizes.

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Spread your iGive link everywhere (Facebook’s a great way, but Twitter, email, blogs, bulletin boards, and handouts all work).
Get your personalized Tell A Friend link:

Widget’s Rescue & Personality – Adopt a Puerto Rican Rescue

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My name is Shane ,I am the one who rescued Widget.
Widget is a smallish dog, under 20 pounds. She was dumped on the beach by my house. She was either pregnant when dumped or got pregnant shortly there after. I had been working with her to trust me, at first she wouldn’t let me near. Finally she allowed me to pet her and would follow my dog and I on walks. It became apparent she was pregnant, unfortunately she had her babies in a seawall instead of my apartment. It took me about 5 weeks to gain her trust enough to extract the puppies and move them to my house (all the puppies have found homes). After she and her puppies were safe in my home she really started calming down. My neighbors and I chipped in to get her fixed and vaccinated. I started working with her daily, we focused on not barking at everything, sitting, and walking on a leash.  She still barks sometimes, especially when men she doesn’t know come to the house or are standing near the fence. She has no food aggression, in fact she insists on eating out of the same bowl as my 4 year old dog and the puppy our house. She always waits until the the older dog has eaten first, then eats after her. I tried separate bowls at first, but she always wanted to eat out of my dog’s bowl so I just started allowing that. I let the dogs eat until they are done, she leaves food in the bowl all the time, she doesn’t eat herself sick. She feels very secure on a leash and responds well to no bark if she’s in the house or on a leash. She is GREAT with other dogs, especially puppies she mothers them. We just introduced her to kittens, two days ago, she seems to want to play with them. As both kittens are under 2 pounds we aren’t allowing that just yet, but we saw no signs of aggression with her towards them, if anything she seemed a little scared of them. Widget is great with children, she wants to play with them and runs around them in circles and lays down for pets from them. Widget wants to be a lap dog, she is small enough to be one too. She thrives on positive attention and loves to be with her people. We have been putting Widget in a crate for short periods of time, while she doesn’t get into it on her own she doesn’t fight going in nor does she bark or whine while in the crate.

I am not sure how well Widget would do at a dog park, it may be overwhelming for her. She does well on a leash though and LOVES to go on walks. We walk her on the beach at least 2 times a day and I let her off leash when no one is around (like I said she barks at men she doesn’t know when off leash, so staying on leash around people is a good idea). I strongly suspect that whoever had Widget before she was dumped hit her, as she shied away from hands at first and she still does with people she doesn’t know. I think Widget would do well in a home with another dog and attentive people. While she does well with children, including toddlers, I think she might do better with older kids.

Our Numbers

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We post our numbers monthly because we want you to know that when you donation to Defensa you can be confident about where your money is going.   Defensa does not pay a staff nor do we mix for-profit business activities with not-for-profit business activities .  Everything Defensa does is not-for-profit, Animal Rescue work.

Click on the photos for better views.  Note: Error. Our Jan – Aug 2016 P&L photos say 2015.  The photos are not given to our accountant – they are just used here.  Our apologies.   Note: Numbers are for the start of the month listed.

 May 2017

April 2017

March 2017

Feb 2017

Jan 2017

End of 2016 Year – 173 Animal Lives Touched by Defensa


End of 2016 Year

endofyear2106 endofyear2106pl

Dec 20162

1Nov 20162 capture

Oct 2016capture2


Sept 2016 sept2

sept1August 20162

CaptureJuly 2016dfdadfs

June 2016Capture2Capture

May 2016count pl

April 20161 2

Feb 2016feb2feb

Jan 2016



Year End 2015

2015countyearend yearend2015

December 2015


November 2015



October 2015

Oct 2015 Oct PL

September 2015septcountsept

August 2015

Aug 2015 count Aug 2015

June 20151

2May 2015

May2015Count May2015PL

April 2015

tdsa today

March 2015


2014 Year Total


Deposits for Dogs

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We would like to invite Vacation Property Owners and their Guests to participate in our continuous fundraising activity – “Deposits for Dogs”

How it works / What is the Goal?

  • You the Vacation Property Owner/Representative offer your guests the option to donate part or all of their security deposit to Defensa in the form of a check or paypal payment directly to Defensa
  • Or, you the Guest ask your Rincon Vacation Property Owner/Representative to send all or part of your security deposit to Defensa in the form of a check or paypal payment directly to Defensa
  • Deposits for Dogs is a way to actively solicit donations to help the street animals of Puerto Rico. 100% of the donations will go towards helping dogs, cats and horses in need in Puerto Rico
  • We are hopeful that both Guests and Property Owners will opt into this program for the good of the animals in need in our community
  • We are willing to work with each Property Owner or Guest to make the process of collecting and sending the donations as easy as possible

Sample Letter to Guests

Dear Guest

Please find your final reconciliation for your recent stay in Rincon.   We are always striving to make Rincon a better place, so we are asking you to consider directing some or all of your remaining security deposit to “Deposits for Dogs”  a Defensa Animal de Rincon fundraising program helping the abandoned cats, dogs and horses of Puerto Rico ….   You can learn more about Defensa and their programs at & on their Facebook Page.   Simply respond to this email with what amount of your security deposit you’d like to donate.   Defensa will send you an independent acknowledgment of your donation. 

Thanks so much

Property Manager

Free Horse Education Classes

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Defensa Animal de Rincon, in conjunction with Michelle Tinsen and Rincon’s PintosRUs, is starting FREE Horse Education Classes for all ages as of April 2015.  Starting in June the class is now every Saturday morning, 9am by Sandy Beach.  Please email us for exact information on the Class.  Enjoy these photos from our classes.

The goal of the Program is not only to help educate our young on working with horses, but to help those interested in helping “horses on ropes” around Puerto Rico.    If you have the skills to interact with a horse you are in a better position to offer help, with respect, to owners of neglected or in-need horses.

Equine Logo

Working with horses can teach all ages to be patient, confident, compassionate and tenacious!   Our classes follow “Natural horsemanship” styles – no wiping or hitting.

Please contact us if you’d like to participate or donate to this program.

Instructors will be compensated with donations you make for that purpose.  Donate anytime and just note the purpose ‘horse program’.

Areas of Education / Courses

What makes a Happy Horse?

A life free of pain and discomfort. food and water, shelter, daily activities- riding, walking, grooming, new grazing spot. Company. If your horse is alone you are its only company.

Horse Care

  • Feeding
  • Grooming.
  • Worm Prevention
  • Vaccinations
  • First Aid
  • Flies and Ticks
  • How to Safely Tie a Horse out to graze
  • Hoof Care
  • Tack
  • The Horses Environment


  • How horses behave in herds.  how to spot a dangerous horse. reading signals. dominant behavior. How to train a ‘pushy’ horse to have manners. Biting/ kicking problems. how to know if the horse is scared or just not listening. ‘Join-up’. I would like to teach the kids to treat all horses with respect, understand how horses think, work with horses using a natural horsemanship technique so that they can successfully achieve goals without the need for beating/ rough handling
  • How to safely handle a horse.
  • The ‘pressure-release’ method
  • How to walk your horse- the importance of establishing a strong connection on the ground. Handle horses without being dragged around, stepped on, bitten etc.
  • Lunging, exercise, fitness


  • Saddles
  • Bridles
  • Bits


  • Safety First
  • Pony Rides

11062137_736260556518390_8827470423403069981_n 11140355_721199241357855_2272681011158853004_n 11169855_728383573972755_6977871329678337007_n 11665613_741703412640771_3797864145067417778_n 11701122_741702619307517_8956883984779452071_n 11705207_741703179307461_1607952062383281404_n10374504_736260746518371_1492856469237484137_n11535907_736260646518381_5669035535650896492_n11666302_738498736294572_676889483300587850_n


Meet Felix – A DAR Rescue & 3rd Place Winner – Now our DAR Mascot till 2016

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Felix won 3rd place and DAR has the honor of making Felix our DAR Mascot!

His back story …..

Felix (male) was discovered by my brother-in-law (who lives in Rincon) last spring in a box with two of his siblings.  My sister (who lives in Rincon) took them in and nursed them back to health, eventually placing them in loving homes.  Felix, originally named Flaco, came to my family in Massachusetts in September as a surprise for my two children.  He is our first pet (other than fish) and we cannot imagine life without him.  He is affectionate, playful and also very entertaining.  His favorite toys are sparkle pom pom balls which he jumps and kicks around like a pro soccer player!  He’s also obsessed with our aquarium–pawing at the glass every time I feed the fish.  And, he loves to swing from the curtains, sit in the plants and jump on the kitchen table during dinner.  He is very talkative and loving, greeting us when we come home after waiting by the window, and comforting us when we are upset.  We love our Puerto Rican rescue kitten, Felix!
20140611_153811If you missed our My Puerto Rican Rescue photo contest you can read about it HERE.

Here is a photo of Felix (at the time “Flaco”) when first rescued in July of 2014.   Thanks to those who financially support DAR and to Ellen and Hector rescued, fostered and worked with DAR to find him his happy ending!!!