This horse was reported to Defensa with the following photo today! The information was that they had seen this horse tied in the same spot for several days without food or water. Fortunately the Good Samaritan who reported found out the critical information of owner and map location so we could start with asking the owner if they needed help. In addition, this Good Samaritan was willing to make the donation that the owner required to release, now BOLERO, to us! Please follow, share and donate. The wish amount is calculated by having BOLERO in our care for just 4 months and giving him land to graze, medicines, castration, hoof care, Vet visit, teeth floating, feed and care to get him to a point we can adopt him out. If you want to help a horse in Puerto Rico here is the process


    • Caring for him

      October 08, 2018

    • Moving to land soon!

      We apologize for the lack of new photos.  We should get some new ones in the next few days when we move BOLERO to open land – at least that is the plan!    He is still staying at a Volunteers house to get more regular feedings.    Thank you all for supporting his rescues with donations and shares!

      October 07, 2018

    • He is doing well

      BOLERO continues to get care and food under regular supervision.  We hope this week we can move him to open land with another male horse as we have not castrated him yet.  We’d like to see him a bit stronger before castration.

      This is a vitamin shot

      October 05, 2018

  • bolero is staying at a volunteers house for a few days

    In order to make sure he gets enough spaced out feedings for his first few days with us, BOLERO is staying at a volunteers house for the next few days.    He has worms, mange and is weak.   Your donations will go directly towards his care and in a few months he should be ready for adoption.

    October 03, 2018

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