About Defensa

Defensa Animal de Rincon Puerto Rico

Founded in 2013, Defensa is a Federal and Puerto Rico Accredited Non Profit Animal Rescue Organization. We are listed on the Hacienda’s Act 20/22 eligible charities.   Our EIN is 660811657 – Donate via PayPal.me/PRAnimalRescue.

We communicate daily via DefensaRincon@gmail.com.    We help people to rescue street animals anywhere in Puerto Rico if they can use our Rescue Programs.    To get a clear idea of the real animals we help please visit our Successful Rescues page – it should make you smile 🙂

“Nothing We Do Is For Profit, Everything We Do Is For The Love Of The Unwanted Street Animals of Puerto Rico!” 

Follow us on Facebook/DefensaRincon & Support our Current Rescued Animals.  Read & Write Reviews on our Great NonProfits Page.    We are proud to have achieved the Seal of Transparency with Guidestar.

Our work and the situation for the homeless animals in Puerto Rico has been reported on by CNN Senior Writer and Editor Heather Long in “Puerto Rico has become ‘dead dog island‘”, Horse Nation’s Standing Ovation, The El Coqui of Rincon 2015 Animal Rescue Article, 2016 Horse Class Article (2nd page) & 2017 Animal Rescue Article. Defensa was also distinguished with the honor of being one of the “10 Best Volunteer Opportunities in Puerto Rico of 2018“.

We recommend watching The Documentary 100,000 The Movie as it is several years old but the situation is unfortunately the same on certain parts of the Island today.

We post our current months animal count & financial/PL around the 1st of every month on Our Rescued Animals & Financial Numbers page.

You will find our Puerto Rican Rescued Animals for adoption on our website as well as on Overstock, PetFinder, AllPaws and AdoptAPet.

Please share us on Facebook as it is a great way to find rescued animals forever homes and bring in more donations.

Conditions in Puerto Rico

There was an excellent documentary done, showing the intense conditions of the animals throughout Puerto Rico. We invite you to educate yourself on these conditions by viewing the Documentary 100000 Movie.  The Documentary is a few years old but the situation has not changed.


Defensa Animal de Rincon is a Puerto Rico based non profit working to help the dogs, cats and horses on the Island by

  • Increasing the sterilization rates among all cats and dogs and castration of stallions/horses
  • Lowering the number of dogs, cats and horses that are injured, un-owned or neglected by providing  financial assistance for Vet services and marketing for adoption services
  • Taking in, Rehabbing and Re-homing the unwanted, injured or abandoned horses

Funded 100% Via Donations

Defensa is always open to and looking for large donations to be used to continue our mission.  You can donate directly from PayPal.me/PRAnimalRescue or our Donate to Defensa Page.


When someone finds an animal in need we help with Vet Services and Marketing for Adoption.  Please read our Defensa Rescue Page to see how we can help you help an animal.